When Can You Shower After a Spray Tan?

Whether it is summer or winter, everyone loves the beautiful bronze glow that spray tanning offers. Spray tans serve as a safe alternative to sun tanning, giving you a bronzed glow without any dangerous sun exposure. 

However, spray tanning requires aftercare like any other method of tanning. One way of ensuring that your tan lasts long is knowing when to shower after a spray tan.

The post-care of your spray tan is right after the tanning session itself. There are several post-care tips one should know to prolong that glow. One of which is showering post spray tan.

People wonder when is the best time for showering after having a fresh spray tan. Moreover, you may ask what the rules are to keep or prolong your tan. This article will cover all these and more, so scroll down for more details!

Key Takeaways

  • It is best to wait at least 4-8 hours before showering post-spray tan. This will give you time until your tan develops fully. 
  • Avoid having long showers after getting a spray tan. Moreover, it’s best to use warm water or lukewarm water and rinse off the excess bronzers until the water gets clear.
  • Avoid using bar soaps and body washes with harsh chemicals. Instead, use an oil-free wash and gentle soap that is suitable for tanned skin.
  • It’s best not to wash your hair during your first shower after a spray tan. Your shampoo and conditioner may contain ingredients that will disturb the development of your tan. 
  • Pat your skin gently to avoid rubbing off the tan on your skin. Use a soft, dark-colored towel after showering. 

Showering after a Spray Tan

The first shower after a spray tan is the most crucial. It makes or breaks your bronzed glow! Showering too soon will prevent your skin from tanning to a darker shade. On the other hand, leaving the excess tanning solution too long can give your skin a brassy off-color, or worse, your tan may fade faster than usual. 

Source: depositphotos.com
Source: depositphotos.com

Knowing the nitty-gritty details of post-spray tan care is extremely important. You need to avoid several products during and after showering, what you should do during the actual shower, and the like. It will be discussed further in the following sections.

How Long Should You Wait Before Your First Shower

This is the most frequently asked question after having a spray tan. In order to keep your tan as long as possible, it is best to wait at least 4-8 hours before showering but no more than 24 hours after your spray tan. This gives ample time for your tan to fully develop.

You may also need to check the tanning solution formula used in your spray tan.  There are tanning solutions with a quick developing formula that can be rinsed off 2 hours after your spray tan. This is highly recommended if you’re aiming for a lighter tan shade. In contrast, tanning solutions with the traditional formula should be washed off the skin within 8 hours.

Nevertheless, waiting for a few hours more won’t hurt. Patiently wait until that tan develops the perfect shade for you! So, it’s extremely important to plan what time you are getting a spray tan.

Golden Rules To Prolong Your Tan

Once you step out of the tanning salon, here is a complete guide and checklist you might want to consider doing. These are the golden rules to prolonging your tan. Don’t worry; these are easy tips you need to abide!

Before Your First Shower

The first thing you need to do is to avoid wearing tight clothing. It’s best to wear loose clothes before going to tanning salons. Otherwise, it will cause tan lines and disrupt the post-tanning process. 

Aside from waiting before taking the first shower after a spray tan, avoid moisture as much as possible. Keep your skin dry, especially the sweat-prone areas, and skip working out after getting a spray tan. 

This may also include any activities that will make you sweat and make your tan wet. You may use baby powder to keep your skin cool and dry. 

The excess moisture produced in the first few hours post-spray tan will prevent you from achieving the perfect shade.

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During Your First Shower

When it’s time to wash off the excess bronzer in your body, take note of the following tips to prolong your tan. 

After getting a spray tan, it’s not advisable to take a long and sudsy shower. Keep your first shower as quick as possible and use warm water and oil-free body wash

During your first shower, avoid bar soaps that contain harsh chemicals. It’s highly recommended to use an oil-free body wash as it keeps your skin healthy and suitable for tanned skin. 

Don’t use a sponge and scrub your skin too much. Using your hand to remove the surface solution is enough. 

In addition, washing your hair is not allowed during the first shower following a spray tan. Take note to avoid hair washing for two days as shampoo and conditioner may have ingredients that disturb the development of your tan.

While showering, you may notice a golden glow wash from rinsing. Worry not because this is completely normal when you rinse your body post spray tan. The spray tan won’t lighten, and your skin will still tan completely. Stay in the shower until the water runs clear

After Your First Shower

After showering, one tip you need to remember is to use a soft towel and gently pat your skin to dry. Avoid rubbing your skin on the towel because it may rub off the tan from the top layer of your skin and prevent it from developing fully. 

Should you be worried if the tanning solution stains your towel, I highly suggest using a dark-colored towel instead.

Use lightweight and oil-free lotions and moisturizers to keep your skin nourished and prevent your tan from being damaged. This will also prevent your skin from clogging or having a breakout.

Washing Your Face After a Spray Tan

Similar to the products mentioned during your first shower after a spray tan, you must use a gentle soap or cleanser to wash your face. Avoid using face scrubs, masks, or peels, as your skin needs TLC while developing the best tan shade possible. 

What Products Do You Need to Avoid?

Source: depositphotos.com
Source: depositphotos.com

In general, check your go-to products if they contain the following ingredients. If yes, find an alternative to protect your radiant bronzed glow. Or better yet, check out the products mentioned in the next section.

Ingredients that are harmful to your tan:

  • Mineral Oil
  • Sulfate
  • Alcohol
  • Fragrances
  • Essential Oil

What Products Do You Need to Use?

As mentioned earlier, use products that have gentle and natural ingredients. I have listed several body wash that is suitable for spray tans. Using the below products will give you an added layer of protecting and prolonging your tan:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I showered immediately after spray tanning?

Having a shower right after your spray tan session will prevent your skin from tanning to a darker shade. It will rinse off the bronzer that helps you achieve that perfect tan.

Why does my spray tan feel patchy?

Your spray tan may feel patchy when it is mixed with extra moisture, or you showered too soon after your spray tan. Keep your skin moisturized to prevent your spray tan from feeling too patchy. Moreover, you might want to use a tan extender that will prevent the patchiness and keep your tan radiant.

If you’re looking for a good tan extender, check out this No products found.!

Does sweating affect my spray tan?

Unfortunately, sweating significantly affects your spray tan. It is one of the things you must avoid after getting one. Sweating may cause streaks, patches, and discoloration on your tan, especially when it has not dried thoroughly yet.

Will my spray tan continue to develop after my first shower?

Yes, even after your first shower, your spray tan will continue to develop and may have a darker shade in the next few hours.

What should I avoid during my first shower?

Avoid having hot showers or bathing in a hot tub right after your spray tan. Don’t use products with oil, sulfate, and other chemicals that may harm your tan. Instead, use a body wash or soap with a gentle solution and formula. Lastly, do not exfoliate your skin right after tanning. Just exfoliate before your tanning session to remove those dead skin cells.

Final Thoughts

A warm and quick shower following a spray tan is advisable after 4-8 hours to achieve the perfect tan. Note that there are a few things you need to avoid to prevent having streaks, patches, and unpleasing tan color. 

Hope this guide will help you achieve and preserve your best tan yet!

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