Gold Skin Tone: Learn Everything About Golden Skin

The words ‘gold skin tone’ sound like they have been taken from Shakespearean poetry, but it really is a skin tone, and that too, a highly desirable one because it’s moderately brown and tans rather easily. And last time I checked tanned skin tone is what everyone is after these days. 

If you have golden skin, you have to choose makeup and skincare products that compliment it. Luckily, today, we have more inclusivity in the skincare and cosmetic industry than ever before. So finding the right products to let that golden hue in your skin shine (figuratively speaking) is easy.

This guide will help you understand your golden skin tone and its undertones better. 

Key Takeaways

In a hurry? here are the key points for gold skin tone:

  • Gold skin tone is light brown with a yellow or gold undertone, which is sometimes visibly yellowish. 
  • This skin tone can range from slightly fair to slightly dark with warm undertones only. 
  • People with gold skin tan quickly but the adequate melanin in the skin also offers sun protection to a certain extent. 
  • It’s best to go with protective skincare practices suitable according to the skin type, even if your skin is not as prone to sun damage. 
  • Gold or honey foundations and concealers are best for this skin tone while bright blush and eye makeup can be used to add some pop of color. 

What is Gold Skin Tone?

Gold skin is one that has a yellow or gold undertone. In other words, it has warm undertones and ranges from slightly pale to light brown. 

This skin tone tans easily but doesn’t get sunburnt that easily, making it somewhat safer for sunbathing and artificial tanning. It comes under the medium complexion category. On the Fitzpatrick pigment scale, gold skin tone ranges from type III and type IV (although it’s more towards type IV). 

In terms of undertones, it’s dominated by yellow, which is often dubbed gold, and hence the name. Since yellow and gold undertones are considered warm, this skin tone also comes under warm skin tones. What this means is that it suits colors that work better with warm undertones. 

That said, some may argue that it’s more neutral and can work with colors suited for cool skin tones as well. That’s the charm of this skin tone that its slight paleness complements bright colors whereas the undertones complement subtle and muted colors like beige or fawn. 

Gold skin tone, in terms of ethnicity, is quite diverse. However, it’s common in people with ancestry from Asia and Europe (southern Europe, in particular). So you will commonly find golden skin in people from or with ancestors from countries in the Mediterranean, the Middle East, or South Asia

How to Identify Gold Skin Tone?

Gold skin color reminds me of the folk tale of the greedy King Midas. He wished that everything he touches turn into gold. A stranger made his wish come true and things didn’t turn out well. While everything he did touch turn into gold, so did his daughter. 

Golden skin tone, unlike the King’s daughter, isn’t actually like gold jewelry. It gets the name from the golden undertone, which may be a tad bit difficult to identify. 

You can use a skin tone scale like Fitzpatrick, but it’s not conclusive. Your best bet is to look at your jawline and identify the skin undertone. If your skin is light brown and looks yellowish in daylight, you have a gold skin tone. 

I would advise speaking to a dermatologist or makeup expert who can help you identify exactly what undertones you have. This is helpful because believe it or not, there are over 20 different skin tones out there.

Gold Skin Tone vs. Fair Skin vs. Dark Skin

This skin tone can be a tad bit difficult to distinguish in terms of fairness or darkness (lightness or deepness). That’s because it can be a bit paler, especially when not exposed to the sun for a while. The sun brings out the undertones, even more, making it more brownish

Generally speaking, gold skin is darker skin, especially when you compare it with ivory or porcelain skin tones, which have cool undertones. At the same time, it’s not dark either but can get dark when exposed to the sun for a long period. It has more melanin naturally though than those with light skin tones, which is why it tans so well. 

I would say that gold skin shade easily sits in the center of the skin color spectrum. 

Celebrities with Gold Skin

If you have gold skin color, you probably want to know which celebrities have the same skin tone as you. There are plenty of celebrities with so-called golden skin. Here are some:

  • Penelope Cruz
  • Kerry Washington
  • Gal Gadot
  • Deepika Padukone

Skincare Tips for Gold Skin Tone

If you have golden skin, you might have normal to oily skin, like light brown and darker skin often have oily skin, as indicated by one study. You should invest in skincare products and adopt practices that are suitable for both your skin type and tone. 

Here’s what I recommend:

Don’t Be Careless About UV Protection


Yes, you’re one of the lucky ones that get tanned easily. Just a brisk walk on the beach at noon when the sun is at its brightest will give you that lovely sunkissed tan. And you probably don’t even need things like tanning beds

All that said, your beautiful golden brown hue in the skin doesn’t give you a free pass when it comes to UV protection. You should be careful when stepping out in the sun. While you may not get sun burnt, your skin may develop photoaging signs prematurely. 

Therefore, I recommend wearing lightweight SPF when heading out during the day. However, you probably don’t need as high SPF as people with pale skin tones. SPF 15 to 30 is good enough to protect your skin from sun damage. 

Add Toner to Your Routine

While this tip isn’t exclusively for people with golden skin, it’s still highly recommended. Maintaining the right pH of skin can help keep it supple, which, in turn, enhances the beauty of your skin color. 

So make a habit of using a toner in your skincare routine preferable daily but a few times a week should do the trick as well. Use the toner in your PM routine (nighttime), after cleansing, and before applying any serums or creams. 

If you have oily or normal skin, look for toners with salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or witch hazel. If you have dry skin, go for toners with hyaluronic acid. And if you have sensitive skin, use toners after consulting with your dermatologist and go for soothing ingredients like aloe vera or chamomile. 

Go with Lightweight Moisturizer

If you have yellow or gold undertones, paired with an oily skin type, avoid using heavy moisturizer or lotions. Those will leave shiny residue on the skin. Lightweight moisturizers that absorb readily in your skin are your best friend. 

If you live in a sunny place, you can go for a moisturizer with SPF, so you don’t have to wear sunscreen separately. No products found. is a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer for the face with SPF 30. It’s ideal for people with oily skin and gold tone. 

Makeup Tips for Gold Skin Tone

Let’s discuss some important makeup tips to ensure you look your best. I’ll also recommend some products along the way to make your choices simpler. 

Go Easy on the Foundation

Don’t go overboard with the foundation and apply on a thin layer. Applying too much would hide your undertones. Instead, accentuate them with a little bit of the right foundation. There are many foundation shades with gold. The honey shade will work too. If you want to go one or two shades lighter, go with a beige foundation that is slightly darker. 

The key is to find foundations with yellow undertones. 

The No products the best foundation for golden skin. Go with 48N (medium to tan skin with olive undertone) or 50W (tan skin with warm yellow undertone). 

Just Concealer Would Work Too


As gold skin is more on the light brown side, dark circles, blemishes, and marks can be visible. On most days, you don’t even need to apply foundation. You can just use a good concealer to even out the tone and hide the marks or dark circles. 

Again, like foundation, go with yellow tone concealer, so it blends in naturally. The No products found. is designed for skin tones with a yellow undertone. The tan-neutral shade is best suited for gold skin. It gives coverage for an impressive 16 hours, so you can go about your day worry-free. 

Use Highlighter to Bring Out the Gold

Yes, your gold or yellow undertones are great but they may not be so visible all the time, especially when wearing makeup. You should use a highlighter, especially above the brows and on the nose to bring out that sparkly golden undertone. It will add more luster to your skin. 

The No products found. in Gilded Glory is perfect for bringing out that glow that oscillates between gold and bronze. 

Jewelry Tips for Gold Skin Tone

Unlike cool skin tones, you have to be extra cautious with a warm skin tone like golden skin when it comes to jewelry. However, gold skin complements most gold jewelry, including rose gold and yellow gold. 

The warm undertones will help elevate the warmth of the golden shades of the jewelry. White gold, although cool, should stand out on gold skin, especially when slightly tanned. Other than the usual rose gold or yellow gold, you can also go with oxidized silver for that bohemian vibe. 

When choosing fine jewelry with stones or pearls, go with light colors that pop out. For instance, turquoise and purple will complement the gold and yellow undertones. 


If you have gold skin tones, you’re one of the lucky ones as your skin has some level of protection from the sun and gets a lovely tan without much effort. It’s also probably a result of your ancestors belonging to Southern Europe or Asia. 

Own your gold undertones and use the right makeup to bring it out. Don’t be surprised if people praise your skin tone all the time!

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