5 Best Tingle Tanning Lotions

Do you want to take your tanning bed experience to the next level? If so, tingle tanning lotion is a perfect option for changing it up!

Tingle lotion is a particular type of tanning lotion that creates a darker tanning effect when used in the tanning bed. But not only will this lotion produce different looking results for you, but it’ll also feel different while you use it.

The best tingle tanning lotion will leave you with a deep, sun-kissed tan and refreshed tingling skin. But before you use it, there are some things you should know about the product.

Please read our review below to learn more about how tingle tanning lotion works and what brand of lotion will be the best choice for your tanning needs.

Best Tingle Tanning Lotions: Our Top 5 Picks

Our selection of the best tingle tanning lotions includes options for both beginner and experienced tanners. Most tingle lotions are marketed explicitly toward experienced tanners because of their intense properties.

Always test a small sample of the lotion first before using the lotion all over your body.

1. Best Overall: Designer Skin BombShell

BombShell is one of the original tingle lotions to be used widely in tanning salons.

  • Trustworthy brand name
  • Light kiwi watermelon fragrance
  • Skin-tightening properties and anti-aging elements are included in the lotion

Like other tingle lotions, the BombShell lotion heats the skin with a specific tingle that can’t be ignored while lying in the tanning bed. With a kiwi watermelon fragrance, this tingling lotion smells and feels fantastic every time you use it.

One bonus of this specific lotion is the inclusion of a bronzer that will continue darkening your skin, even after you’ve left the salon. Coenzyme Q10 and white tea extract in the lotion enhance skin tightening and prevent signs of aging.

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2. Best Beginner Choice: Pro Tan Hot Tottie Hot Action

This warming, lightly tingling tanning lotion is an excellent introduction to the world of tingle lotions.

  • Reasonable price
  • Multiple moisturizing agents
  • Light tingle intensity is perfect for beginners

Sold at a reasonable price online, this tanning lotion makes the skin warm, red, and tingly applied. Beginner tanners can use this lotion from time to time to add complexity to their tan, or experienced tanners can use it to darken their base and change up their usual tanning routine.

This mocha sugar lotion includes several moisturizing agents, including aloe vera, mango butter, cocoa butter, vitamin A, C, and E. Moisturizer should still be applied after every use of this lotion.

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3. Best Warming Lotion: Australian Gold Pure Heat

While some tingling lotions leave behind a cool feeling, this tingle goes the other direction by cranking up the heat.

  • Deeper tans for even the most experienced tanners
  • All natural products
  • Immediate results

The Australian Gold Pure Heat tanning lotion has a hot citrus tingle that gets deep into the skin, creating an unforgettable tingling experience every time. This lotion has a “Classic Cocoa Dreams” fragrance and a Golden Glow bronzer that helps produce the glowing, sun-kissed look many tanners are after.

Though this lotion is a bit more expensive than other tingles, it’ll last for a long time because of its intense properties. Many users say the tingle in this lotion is powerful and lasting, so it’s not something you want to use up too quickly.

If you take account of the results of this tanning lotion after just one use, you’ll see visibly darker and redder skin. Hemp seed is used as a moisturizer in this lotion as well, so your new tan should be evenly spread over your skin.

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4. Best Hot-and-Cold Lotion: Designer Skin Body Bronzer

Like the localized sensation of Icy Hot, the Designer Skin Body Bronzer uses both heating and cooling ingredients to create a unique effect for new and experienced tanners.

  • Simple, light fragrance
  • All hypoallergenic ingredients
  • Allergy-free

The fresh camu camu fragrance cleverly masks the heat of the spicy capsaicin fruit. Just as the heat and the tingle get cranked up, refreshing licorice extract cools the skin and brings in a different tingling experience.

The hot and cold effects combine to create a full-body sensory experience that will keep you from dozing off in the tanning bed. The tingling agents work well to increase the complexity of the experience while still darkening the skin significantly.

This lotion is also the right choice for anyone with allergies because it is free from nuts, aloe, and hemp and is gluten-free.

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5. Best Cooling Lotion: Devoted Creations Mermaid Majesty

This tingling tanning lotion feels like the shock of jumping into a cold pool after a long day.

  • Different, refreshing sensation of cool tingles
  • The non-greasy formula is easy to apply
  • Easily absorbed and evenly distributed lotion

Instead of heating the skin with tingles, Devoted Creations takes the experience in a different direction by employing a cooling sensation all over the skin with every use. The tingling sensation remains the same, but the heat is swapped out for a relaxing cooling sensation.

This vitamin-rich lotion also contains specific ingredients you can’t find in other tingle lotions. Sea buckthorn berry, Hawaiian seaweed, and starfruit nourish and replenish the body with every use.

You’ll walk away feeling cool and refreshed while still capturing that darker, deeper tan you expect with a tingling lotion.

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Tingle Tanning Lotion: Buyer’s Guide

What Is Tingle Tanning Lotion?

Like an accelerator or maximizer tanning lotion, tingle lotions are made for experienced tanners to deepen and darken their tans in the salon.

The ingredients in tingle tanning lotion often include:

  • Methyl Nicotinate
  • Benzyl Nicotinate
  • Moisturizing elements

These ingredients work together to create a darker, even tan uniquely. Even the best tingle tanning lotion should still only be used by experienced tanners knowledgeable about the product and know what to expect.

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How Does Tingle Tanning Lotion Work?

Tingle tanning lotion works by increasing the circulation of blood and oxygen on the skin’s surface.

The ingredients that create the tingling effect in tingle lotions are Methyl Nicotinate and Benzyl Nicotinate. Both of these ingredients increase microcirculation and oxygen levels in the skin.

Increased microcirculation means more oxygen can reach melanocytes, which are the cells that produce melanin in your skin’s top layer. These cells are triggered to produce more melanin when exposed to UV radiation, which causes the skin to appear darker in color.

The intense oxygen circulation in the skin leads to the famous tingling sensation that this type of lotion is named after.

The Benzyl Nicotinate, in particular, is known for leaving your skin a reddish, flushed color when included in a lotion. This effect happens because the ingredient opens up capillaries in the skin, which also intensifies the tingling feeling.

The remaining moisturizing ingredients included in most tingle lotions usually consists of essential oils, white tea extract, and black currant. Moisturizing ingredients help ensure the tan is dispersed evenly over the skin with no streaky lines or missed places.

Tingle tanning lotion, like most other tanning lotions, is geared more toward darkening your skin than it is protecting your skin from SUN damage. According to several studies, skin cancer is a significant risk of UV exposure and is the most common form of cancer in the United States.

Take care to protect your skin, even when using a tingling lotion, by limiting your exposure to the sun and moisturizing regularly.

What Does Tingle Tanning Lotion Feel Like?

Tingle lotion gets its namesake from the sharp, tingling feeling that spreads over the skin when using this lotion in the tanning bed.

The tingling sometimes feels like ticklish, warm pricks all over the skin. Usually, the skin will also appear flushed in areas where the lotion is applied.

The tingling sensation is judged on a case-by-case basis, based on the tanner’s experience and comfort. Some users have described the tingling sensation as somewhat uncomfortable or disorienting, while others have said the feeling is straight-up painful.

The best tingle tanning lotion to use when first starting with tingle lotion is one with low-intensity tingles. This way, you can get a taste of the tingling sensation without committing completely to that feeling.

Tips For Using Tingle Tanning Lotions

Tingle tanning lotions are different from any other tanning lotions on the market. Before jumping into using them every day, follow these tips to stay smart while tanning.

1. Take It Slow

Tingle lotions are intense and are usually only marketed toward experienced tanners. Experienced tanners typically have developed a tolerance to the UV rays and can withstand the discomfort that can come with the tingling lotions while in use.

Even if you are a long-time tanner, don’t go overboard with the tingling lotions. Test a small amount of the lotion on one part of your body during a regular tanning session before using the lotion all over.

Also, instead of using the tingling lotion every time you tan, ease into the habit by only using a low-intensity tingling tanning lotion once every few trips you take to the tanning salon. Once you are familiar with the tingling sensation and know what to expect, you can increase the usage and intensity.

Even when you are entirely comfortable with tingle lotions, be sure to rotate your lotions with every salon trip to prevent excessive drying of the skin or overexposure to UV rays.

2. Read The Ingredients

Although you probably won’t pronounce every single ingredient included, knowing a little bit about what you’re putting on your body will help you understand what to expect when using the product.

As mentioned above, some ingredients will always be included in tingle lotions because they create the tingling sensation. Start with a lotion with lower tingles before using a more high intensity tingling lotion.

Moisturizing ingredients will usually be included, too, but the type of moisturizer may vary by brand.

Some tingle lotions include a bronzer to help solidify and even out your tan. If this is the case, you should refrain from showering for up to six hours following your tan session to ensure the tan is fully developed.

4. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

Even though almost all tanning lotions include some sort of moisturizing agent, your skin will still likely get dried out if you do not adequately care for it after your tanning session.

When you hop out of the tanning bed, be sure to apply a trusted moisturizer all over your body where the lotion was applied. The more often you moisturize your skin, the better the tan will absorb.

5. Beware of Overuse

Overuse of tingle lotions and overexposure to UV rays can lead to heat rashes and irritated skin.

Clogged pores are a familiar detail of tanning in salons and can sometimes lead to more significant issues if not treated.

Inflammation, itching, and raised bumps on the skin are all signs of tanning bed rashes or an allergic reaction. Rashes and adverse reactions to products are widespread in the tanning world. Fortunately, these issues can usually get treated easily and quickly.

The best way to help your irritated or itchy skin is to keep it protected from the sunlight for 24-48 hours. You can also apply aloe or other natural moisturizers to help heal and rehydrate the skin.

Within two days, your skin should be clearer and less irritated. Because UV rays and tanning in a salon can damage your skin, it’s essential not to overdo it. Make sure to appropriately space out your salon visits, so your skin has time to heal after every tanning session.


Finding the right tingle tanning lotion for you is all about setting your expectations for the experience. If you want to ease into the sensation, opt for a low-tingle cream that introduces the feeling without letting it take over the experience.

If you are worried about sweating through the discomfort, find a hot-and-cold or cooling lotion that deepens your tan without igniting the top layer of your skin.

Whichever tingle lotion you opt for, remember only to use the lotion sparingly and moisturize it in-depth after every use.

Happy tanning!

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