Different Types of Facials

A great facial treatment is a combination of a skilled beautician, cutting-edge technology, and just the right skincare products for your skin type. More than this, getting a facial means an hour or two of pampering just for you, a time to relax and forget your worries while your skin gets the necessary attention and treatment to feel and look rejuvenated and glowing.

It sounds dreamy, but sometimes it could take months in between facial appointments as we tend to keep postponing this little treat for our skin. But is this a good idea? Next, we are going to discuss how often you need a facial, when is a good time to start getting facials, and what are the different types of facials that are good for your skin type. Let’s dive right in!

Do I need a facial?

There are five main skin types – dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin, and combination skin. However, there are many other skin issues that are targeted with different facial treatments. Different types of facials are recommended for different skin types and the benefits and results achieved can be spectacular, if we make the right choice.

Generally speaking, a good time to start getting facials is when skin imperfections occur. For many of us, this usually means in our 30s. However, you could get a facial even sooner if you want to prepare your skin for a special event or if you want to prevent and delay the signs of aging. Depending on your age and skin concerns, the beautician will recommend a specific treatment.

Whatever your age might be, you need a facial if you have enlarged, clogged pores, occasional breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads and cysts, acne scars (often symptoms of acne skin).

Also, if you start noticing areas of the skin with pigmentation spots, irritation, or different texture, you should schedule a facial. Loss of skin firmness and the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles are other signs that should send you to the clinic for a facial.

Looking after your skin and providing the treatment it deserves can make it look more even, smoother, and softer for longer. Not to mention that regular facials can literally erase years from your face by minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

How often should I get a facial?

If you want a healthy, glowing complexion, you shouldn’t let more than four to six weeks to pass between your facial treatments. However, if you are confronted with special skin issues such as acne scars, you might be scheduled for a facial every two to three weeks for the first months or until the issue is more or less corrected. After this, you can get monthly treatments to sustain the results achieved.

What is important to mention is that for people with specific skin concerns and even fine lines or other signs of aging at the level of the face, it is essential to follow up with a skin care regimen at home too. A regular beauty routine following the steps learned at the clinic can make all the difference and can help you see results much faster. Chances are you will need to use a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, a scrub, facial mask, and a serum suitable for your skin type. And this is when you might ask yourself…

Do I really need to go to the clinic for a facial treatment?

It’s a fair question, considering the fact that many of us already have plenty of skincare products at home and use them every day. So, why is it so important to check-in at the clinic for a facial treatment? Can’t we achieve the same results at home?

Extraction and deep pore cleansing

Well, one of the main reasons why you need a professional type of facial is pore cleansing. At home, you can only use certain products like scrubs and exfoliators to eliminate dead skin cells from the level of the skin. But at the clinic, you can get pore extraction and a proper exfoliation with professional products. And this is certainly more efficient than using a gentle cleanser at home to remove dead skin cells.

Extracting blackheads and whiteheads at home can lead to skin damage, not to mention infection, inflammation, and scars at the level of the face. More than this, chances are you won’t manage to deep cleanse your pores efficiently unless you are a trained professional. As a result, you might get the opposite effects of what you are looking for – even larger pores and a high risk of infection.

Deep cleanse products that are meant for home use can only unclog the pores to a certain level. A real deep cleanse of the pores can only be achieved using a special technique – and for this, you need a skilled beautician to help recommend and perform the right type of facial for your face.

Pampering and a spa-like experience

You probably know already that one of the factors that can affect even the texture and appearance of your skin (aside from other health aspects) is stress. So, why not take a moment and relax and enjoy a spa-like experience to get even more glowing skin? You can see the facial as a gift you give yourself every month.

Something just for you, an investment in your future appearance and a long-term investment in you.

Find a clinic where you enjoy the atmosphere, and you really like being there. Also, choose your beautician wisely as you will need to count on her to make your skin care decisions for the treatments.

Basic steps of a classic facial

Different types of facials use different methods or cosmetic devices. However, generally speaking, there are a few basic steps that are common to most face treatments:

  • Cleansing
  • Steam
  • Exfoliation
  • Extraction
  • Face mask
  • Facial massage
  • Toning
  • Moisturizing

Now, let’s have a look at different types of facials for different skin types:

Different types of facials

Classic facial treatment

Before choosing light therapy or an anti-aging facial, or another type of facial that suits your skin’s needs, you should know that the classic treatment is recommended for all skin types, throughout the year. This means that you can have a treatment plan including different skin therapies and facials.

The classic treatment follows the basic steps we discussed before. The beautician might also decide to use serums of lotions for imperfections.

Main benefits:

  • Helps you get rid of blackheads, whiteheads and clogged pores from the level of the face
  • Stimulate the production of new skin cells
  • Keeps the skin tonus at optimal levels

Anti-aging facial

This is one of the recommended treatments for your skin if you have dark spots, mature skin, dull skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. This facial can be performed with different products and devices, even with LED light therapy.

Active ingredients such as collagen, vitamin C, and retinol can be used during this facial, as well as methods and techniques such as microdermabrasion or AHA peelings. This is one of those facials that can be found on the menu under different names, so make sure to check for the details.

Main benefits:

  • Restores the skin’s suppleness and firmness
  • Lifting effect at the level of the face
  • Brightens the skin for a more youthful appearance

Hydrating facial

If you have dry or sensitive skin, it might benefit you to get a hydrating facial. This type of facial aims to help your skin retain and restore moisture for longer. It can use skincare products with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, and even certain oils. Even people with oily, acne-prone or combination skin can enjoy an occasional hydrating facial, especially in the colder months of the year when the skin needs an extra hydration boost.

Main benefits:

  • Restores the hydro-lipidic skin barrier
  • Deeply hydrates the skin for a plumper look
  • Improves skin texture

Facial treatment for acne-prone and oily skin

The treatment for acne-prone and oily skin aims to treat acne, but also to reduce the visibility of acne scars and dark spots. Deep cleansing of the pores is always a part of this facial, as well as balancing the sebum production. Astringent solutions are preferred for this facial, as well as mattifying masks and moisturizers.

Main benefits:

  • Polishing the surface of the skin through exfoliation
  • Balancing the sebum production by unclogging pores
  • Reduces the inflammation and irritation in affected areas

Aromatherapy facial

This is among the most luxurious treatments that you can choose when you want to spoil yourself a little more. It is not only about clear, brighter, more hydrated skin, but also a delight for all your senses. As the name suggests, this facial uses aromatherapy oils to make the experience even more pleasurable for you.

The aim is to get you completely relaxed, while your skin gets the nourishment it needs.

Main benefits:

  • Promotes body and mind relaxation
  • Reduces and prevents the occurrence of signs of aging at the level of the skin
  • Delivers a natural lifting effect

Final words

The results achieved with a professional facial are impossible to get at home. This is the reason why you should always make time to go to your favorite beautician for a monthly skin treat. Keep in mind that glowing skin is work in process. A facial won’t completely change how you look, but it can have a significant impact on how you feel.

Choosing the right type of treatment for your skin is essential to get the best possible results. Make sure to have a consultation with your beautician before signing up for a longer treatment plan. And, more than anything, make sure to fully enjoy the experience!

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