10 Best Non-Comedogenic Concealers for Acne-Prone Skin

The eye contour is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. Tiredness, poor health condition, a low level of hydration, too much time spent in the sun without protection- these can all be visible in the eye area. This is the reason why the eye contour needs special care every day.

While eye creams and serums are certainly the best methods to improve the skin texture and tone in the area, using a concealer can certainly help too! Let’s have a look at some tips and tricks and recommendations!

Best Non-Comedogenic Concealers: Our Top 10 Picks

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  • One of the best concealers with neutral undertones
  • Formulated with active ingredients such as peptides and vitamin E
  • Lightweight formula ideal for oily skin
  • Creamy concealer
  • Perfects skin tone and covers blemishes

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Radiant Brightening Cream Concealer has the rich texture of a cream and the effects of a concealer. As a result, the skin looks radiant, all imperfections are covered, and makeup can be applied for a flawless complexion. You can layer this concealer for medium coverage under makeup. The concealer can be used all over the face and the area under the eyes too. It is a non-comedogenic concealer packed with antioxidants suitable for acne-prone skin.

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  • Serum consistency non-comedogenic concealer
  • Full coverage
  • Reduces the visibility of fine lines, dark circles, pigmentation, and other blemishes
  • Delivers an evenly toned complexion
  • Very light on the face

This concealer has some highlighting properties, aside from the color correcting effects. It blends beautifully into the skin to deliver an even color and hide imperfections such as dark circles under the eyes, rosacea, or others. You can use it all over the face or just on problem areas. You only need a small amount of product to cover a large area, so this concealer will last a while. It looks natural on the skin.

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  • The best concealer for acne-prone skin with salicylic acid
  • Non-comedogenic and oil-free
  • It treats, covers and prevents breakouts caused by acne
  • 2-in-1 formula
  • Suitable for daily use

If you have acne-prone skin, you know how difficult it is to find those products that are gentle enough on your skin and can help you both cover the pimples and prevent potential breakouts. Neutrogena Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer Liquid Face Makeup is formulated with one of the most well-known acne-fighting ingredients – salicylic acid.

This concealer not only covers the imperfections associated with acne to help you get a flawless perfection, but it can also help you prevent acne breakouts. Suitable for daily use.

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  • Best non-comedogenic concealer for people with sensitive eyes or wearing contact lenses
  • Oil-free formula
  • Contains purified hyaluronic acid for increased levels of hydration
  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Blends nicely and can hide dark circles under the eyes

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Concealer is designed to hydrate your skin will also masking imperfections for less visible blemishes. The formula is lightweight and non-greasy and won’t clog pores, so it’s good for people with acne too. The stick concealer is easy to use and delivers a natural-looking aspect. Offering buildable coverage, it is perfect under makeup, and it can keep your skin hydrated all day long.

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  • The best all-natural non-comedogenic concealer
  • Suitable for acne-prone skin
  • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines
  • Creamy, rich texture
  • Covers acne scars

A creamy concealer for oily skin or skin prone to acne, Shimarz concealer has a lightweight formula for long-lasting wear. It can minimize fine lines with regular use, and it can cover the acne scars, so you never have to worry about how your complexion looks. It is made with 88% organic, all-natural ingredients, and it offers buildable coverage. This concealer also contains anti-aging ingredients, minerals, and vitamins.

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  • The best concealer for long-lasting makeup
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Can be used on acne-prone skin
  • Delivers maximum coverage for up to 16h

Good coverage, long-lasting makeup without a cakey feeling? Well, it is all possible thanks to the Quick Fix Concealer. The product is made with ingredients that can reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and can also minimize pores. The aspect of the skin is natural, and the application easy. The product is fragrance-free, and dermatologist tested.

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  • The best concealer for sensitive skin
  • Glides smoothly on the skin
  • Can cover rosacea, pigmentation spots, and even birthmarks
  • Can be applied with a blender or a brush
  • Formula designed to last up to 12 hours

Physicians Formula Conceal RX Physicians Strength Concealer can be the best concealer for your skin tone if maximum coverage is what you want to achieve. You can use this product to cover different skin imperfections, from the most common acne scars and age spots to birthmarks and other types of scars. It doesn’t contain harsh chemical ingredients that could damage the skin or clog pores.

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  • The best non-comedogenic concealer that can instantly illuminate the under the eye area
  • It aims to erase dark circles
  • Reduces puffiness in the eye area
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Easy application

The formula contains ingredients such as goji berry and Haloxyl to help you get bright, illuminated skin in the area under the eyes. This concealer targets exclusively under the eye area, so it is suitable for people who are bothered with skin imperfections in this area, such as dark circles, dark spots, and puffiness.

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  • One of the best concealers that deliver a matte finish
  • Non-comedogenic formula
  • Without ingredients such as talc and paraben
  • Natural appearance of the skin
  • Can reduce wrinkles and fine lines

With a very pleasant, rich, and luxurious consistency, this concealer is a suitable choice if you want a matte finish product that can act as a foundation too. In other words, you might not need other skin care products to cover your imperfections once you start using this one. With ingredients such as cucumber extract, this formula is deeply nourishing and moisturizing for the skin. It doesn’t leave behind a white powdery touch.

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  • The best concealer for oily skin
  • Suitable for acne-prone skin
  • Full coverage
  • Mattifying effect
  • Delivers 24h hydration

This is a multi-purpose product designed for the eye area. It can cover dark circles, as well as pigmentation spots, acne scars, and other blemishes. This concealer is easily applied with an XL wand applicator. The product is dermatologist tested and suitable for sensitive skin.

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Non-Comedogenic Concealers: Buyer’s Guide

How to apply the concealer to achieve the best results?

Did you ever apply the concealer under the eyes just to notice moments later that it is all cakey and the area looks worse than before? Well, it must have happened to all of us once or twice, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the concealer is to blame. Here is what you need to get flawless eye contour:

1. Avoid drying cleansing lotions

You must have noticed that the skin in the eye area is much thinner compared to the rest of the body. This means that it can be easily damaged or affected by external factors such as harsh chemicals in cleansers or toners. To ensure that your concealer does its job properly, avoid using scrubs, exfoliators, or other skincare products with harsh ingredients.

2. Reduce the appearance of dark circles

I know this might sound counter-intuitive, considering the fact that you want to use the product for this purpose exactly. However, it might help if you use other methods to reduce the dark circles before applying it. For example, when you wake up in the morning, you could wash your face with cold water to reduce the puffiness. Or you could apply fresh cucumber slices on your eye to reduce the dark circles.

Follow up with your regular routine, and you might notice that the concealer looks much better and delivers a flawless canvas for your makeup.

3. Use a moisturizer

Using a concealer or foundation doesn’t mean you can skip on moisturizing the skin. Actually, it is just the opposite, the better moisturized is the skin, the longer will last the makeup. So, to get the best possible results, use an eye cream or serum before applying the concealer.

However, it would be best to avoid creams and lotions that leave behind a greasy film just before applying the concealer. Save those for the evening when you don’t wear makeup!

How to use the non-comedogenic concealer in your beauty routine?

Some concealers are suitable to be used on the whole face, but what does this mean? Let’s have a look at how and where to use the product in your daily routine:

1. To reduce the redness at the base of the nose

If you are dealing with allergies, you know how the area around the nose gets all red and flaky because you blow your nose too many times. This often happens to all of us in winter or when we catch a cold. These red areas around the nose can be easily covered with concealer. Make sure to hydrate the skin before for long-lasting makeup.

2. To cover imperfections such as acne scars, pimples, and even birthmarks

Having visible imperfections at the level of the face can make you self-aware. Now you can forget about them using a concealer every day. Some oil-free, non-comedogenic products are made with potent active ingredients such as salicylic acid, for example, that can actually help you fight the signs of acne.

3. To perfect your makeup

If you got mascara or eyeliner on the upper or lower eyelid, it could be difficult to remove it. However, it is rather simple to cover it with a touch of concealer. Make sure to blend it into the skin for a flawless makeup once again!

Final Verdict

So, are you ready to choose the best non-comedogenic concealer for your skin type? If you have sensitive skin, you might want to try No products found.. No products found. is a good option for those with acne-prone skin. And if you want a 2-in-1 formula, No products found. could be the right product for you.

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