Review: Kosas Tinted Face Oil

If you’re into clean beauty, then this Kosas tinted face oil should be right up there on your products to try list. Kosas was created by LA artist and chemic Sheena Yaitanes. The tinted face oil was the breakthrough product for the brand and took nearly two years to develop and produce, as it was one of the first of its kind.

Yaitanes took her passion for both chemistry and makeup to produce a makeup meets skincare product that will look beautiful on the skin but contain incredible ingredients that would nourish the skin.

Kosas Tinted Face Oil Review

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Key Ingredients

  • Jojoba oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Meadowfoam oil
  • Red raspberry oil
  • Green tea seed oil
  • Rosehip seed oil

Key Features

  • Vegan & Gluten-free
  • Free of parabens
  • Cruelty-free
  • Free of silicones and sulfates
  • Free of phthalates
  • Hydrates and brightens the skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Free from mineral oil
  • Soothes and balances the skin
  • Available in 16 shades
  • Light to medium coverage


The tinted face oil is available in 16 shades and is wearable for over 48 different skin tones, so anyone will be able to find a shade that suits them.

It can be worn by all skin types and regardless of being an oil, it won’t make you look greasy even if you have oily skin. 


The packaging is compact, light, and perfect for traveling or those who are always on the go. The product also comes in recyclable packaging which is such a bonus as well.

I have no qualms in regards to the packaging, however, I do prefer to be able to see the shade of the product through the packaging and you cannot do so with the Kosas tinted face oil.

This may not be an issue for some, but for those who like to browse in-store, you might find it slightly harder to find the shade you want.  


The product claims that it can be applied as quickly as 10 seconds and can be done so without any tools or applicators. It definitely will take a bit longer than 10 seconds and requires you to be close to a mirror to be able to make sure it’s blended in properly.

The process is not quite as seamless as applying your everyday moisturizer but that’s to be expected from something that has a tint of color incorporated. 

Before applying, you’ll need to shake the bottle well to mix up the color and the oil otherwise it’ll come out wrong. The consistency is very runny so you’ll need to be careful when squeezing it into your hands as it’s easy to pour out too much.

You can use your fingers to apply all over your face and it’ll still blend nicely and look good on the skin. As you don’t really need any tools to apply it, it’s great to take on the go with you to places like the gym or work, where you can quickly fresh up without having to carry extra brushes.

If you’re someone who likes to apply their base makeup with a sponge or brush then you can still do so. I’d recommend using dampening your sponge so it doesn’t absorb most of the product before you even get to apply it.


The coverage of this tinted face oil is very lightweight but can be built up to add more coverage if needed but if you’re after something with medium to high coverage then this won’t be the product for you.

The product will be a perfect fit for someone who loves natural and lightweight makeup that doesn’t look cakey on the skin or for those days where you don’t want to wear a full face of makeup but just need a little extra something to boost your complexion. 

For super-light coverage, you’ll only need 1-2 drops, but you can build it up to 5-6 drops if you want to achieve the highest coverage possible that this product can give you.

Regardless if you only use a couple of drops or even more to achieve higher coverage, the oil still feels lightweight and breathable on the skin, and you barely notice that you’re wearing makeup. 

Despite the oily consistency, the product dries as a velvet matte finish but still manages to look dewy on the skin. Those who have oily skin might want to use a bit of powder on the areas they need it most as you can start to look a bit shiny throughout the day.

If you’re someone with pigmentation or blemish-prone skin then you will need the extra help of concealer to hide those areas but those with clearer skin should be happy with the coverage it gives on its own. 


The tinted face oil does well to last on the skin for around 5-6 hours but after that, it will start to wear off, but it does so naturally and doesn’t go patchy. My skin didn’t feel completely stripped when we removed everything at the end of the day as it does with some heavy-duty foundations.

It didn’t cause any breakouts on the skin which I was surprised at considering the oily consistency. If you’re someone who has sensitive skin or reacts badly to oils and extracts then you might want to give this one a miss as it’s not marketed towards sensitive skin. 


The product is targeted as being a makeup product but as a result of its natural benefits, it also qualifies as a skincare product. Rosehip seed oil seeks to brighten the skin and does so well, my complexion looks more even and alive straight upon application and I’ve noticed it’s started to look more glowy even after I’ve removed the product.

The jojoba oil is quite something especially if you’ve got irritated skin or a fresh pimple, it soothes your skin and helps reduce any redness you may have.

I find I don’t need to use a primer underneath this product as it minimizes on its own. It will make your skin feel very soft and hydrated which makes a change from the usual dryness that is produced from cream or liquid foundations.

Final Verdict

What we love the most

The Kosas tinted face oil is an absolute winner in terms of excelling as both skincare and makeup in one. It’s the ideal complexion product to use if you’re tight on time and can’t afford to spend ages doing all your skincare prep and makeup.

I love the way it looks on my skin and I’ve started to become more accustomed to wearing more natural makeup because of this product. It gives a nice light coverage but still allows the glow of your skin underneath to come through. 

What we dislike

The only downside to this is that application can be quite messy if you don’t take care. Whilst we do the efficiency of being able to apply this with your fingers, it does mean it will get all over your hands and possibly your clothes if you’re too liberal with it.

Due to its oily consistency, it does make it slightly harder to apply with a brush and beauty sponge.

If you’re on the hunt for a new complexion or foundation product and you’ve got spare cash to spend willingly then you should check out the Kosas tinted face oil.

If you suffer from problematic skin and don’t want to pile on heavy foundation then this would be a great alternative as it’ll soothe the skin whilst it balances out your skin tone.

It is a must-try for all beauty junkies, especially those who disregard tinted face oils to be a total gimmick when in reality they are changing the game for the industry.

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