How to Remove Dry Skin from Feet

When thinking about beauty routines and skin care, we tend to focus a lot on our faces. That makes a lot of sense since it is the most exposed part of our body and also the one that receives sunlight the most. Even our hands and body get a lot of attention, creams, exfoliation kits, and overall love.

Have you given a lot of thought to how your feet look and feel, however? Our feet carry the weight of our bodies every day, all day long. Since they are hidden away inside shoes, it can be easy to forget that they deserve just as much attention as our hands and face! Soft feet with smooth skin can feel great, and are easily achievable, even for those among us who suffer from dry skin.

There are plenty of natural ways to remove dry and dead skin from our feet, and also a few tried and tested products. Let’s see which one is best for you!

What causes dry skin on feet?

It is no use to tackle a problem and not the root of it. Why do we have dry, cracked feet? Shoes, genetics, weather, products, all that can influence feet health. Take a look at the list below and assess your daily activities and what is really causing your feet to feel rough.

  • Wrong sized shoes. Everyone knows that shoes that are too small cause discomfort, calluses, and a great need to use a pumice stone. But did you know that even slightly big shoes can be just as bad? Constant friction is a soft skin enemy, and if your shoes are rubbing away all day long, that will definitely cause dry skin. Tip: contour your foot on a piece of paper with a pencil and measure it for accurate results.
  • A simple lack of moisture. The skin on our heels is naturally tougher and drier. This happens because it has a lot fewer sweat glands than the rest of our body, which leads to dehydration. Tip: do not forget your cracked heels when moisturizing.
  • Working environment. Do you work on your feet? Do you spend a lot of time standing up or walking up and down? If you answer yes to any of that, you should know that pressure is the main reason we get sore and dry feet. Tip: invest in quality shoes with outstanding soles.
  • The weather. A dry winter can immensely contribute to dry feet. In addition to the cold and lack of humidity in the air, we also tend to wear a lot of layers and heavy shoes, which is detrimental to our feet health. Tip: get a good oil to lock moisture in during winter.
  • Genetics. Unfortunately, some things are just outside of our control. Some people are prone to have dry skin and callused feet, just like we get brown or blonde hair. Tip: incorporate foot care into your routine and aim for long term results that last.

How to get rid of dry skin on feet – the soaks

Soaking our feet is one of the most ancient remedies to soften up the skin. It is probably what your grandma would recommend, and we stand behind that! There are even added benefits such as stress and headache relief, increased circulation, and fighting bacteria. Choose your favorite recipe and get rid of dead skin!

Apple vinegar foot soak

An apple vinegar soak is beneficial on many fronts. Simply measure two parts cool, warm water to one part vinegar when making it. Hot water combined with the vinegar will dry out the skin too much, so avoid that. Soak for 10 to 15 minutes and moisturize plentily afterward. This is great to soothe dry feet and cracked heels.

Bicarbonate of soda soak

Bicarbonate of soda is a miraculous powder. It serves so many purposes, and it is so inexpensive that it is one of those things we must keep in the house. To remove dead skin from your feet, do not use a lot: 2 or 3 tablespoons of baking soda will suffice.

Use warm water for your soak, and leave it for around 20 minutes. If you want, you can also add drops of essential oils for extra moisture and a pleasant smell. After you finish, use a pumice stone to remove the dead skin cells that were released!

Epsom salt foot soak

One whole cup of Epsom salt dissolved in a basin of warm water will do wonders for your foot. The magnesium and the sulfate work to release toxins and improve blood circulation, which will ultimately nourish your foot.

Similarly, soak your feet on a basin with the mixture for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse well afterward. It is always a good idea to moisturize after the soak. You may feel like your skin is even drier after being in the water for so long, but in the long run, foot skin will be well hydrated with this method.

How to remove dead skin on feet – the products

We don’t want to focus too much on products, but some are really worth it.

The main one is the foot peel. It really is an amazing process and, although it looks a little gross, it will completely renovate your foot skin and give you softer feet than you’ve ever had. It is one of the best ways to remove dead skin if you have really ingrained calluses that have been around for years.

The package comes with two plastic “socks” with a cream that is a mixture of lactic acid to exfoliate and oils to hydrate. You put them on and make sure to spread the cream around the whole area of your foot, and leave it for around 30 minutes to 1 hour (each product will tell you the exact way to use it). After that, take it off and rinse it well.

The difference here is that nothing will happen straight away. When I tried, my feet looked the same for five days, and I was starting to get suspicious. One day, however, I woke up to the entirety of my feet skin coming off! You will feel a bit like a snake, and it is best to wear socks for the week, as this will continue for some days.

Dead skin that accumulated on your foot for years will be removed, and in the end, you will be left with baby-soft feet! It is truly amazing. We compiled a few of them for you to take a look at and start removing dead skin cells pronto.

Best foot peel masks: our top 3 picks

1. Purederm Foot Peeling Mask

This pack comes with three packs of “socks,” great to share with family or friends!

2. Kutemax Foot Mask Peel

With many glowing reviews, this mask promises to work better than any pumice stone!

3. Pedicure Foot Peel

This peel works well, maybe too well. If you are prepared to peel and renovate your foot skin cells for three weeks, try Dr. Pedicure. The results are worth the process!

How to get rid of dead skin on feet – the care tips

The best way to get results in any type of beauty care is to be consistent. It is impossible to permanently remove dead skin from feet, as they will just keep creating more. The best way to achieve a nice balance is to get into a routine that leaves both your feet hydrated. Follow these tips to ensure that.

  • Soak your feet two to three times a week. Try different soaks and see which ones work for you! They are relaxing and will improve circulation, soothe dry skin, and reduce swelling. There is no harm in incorporating them into your routine.
  • Use oils or moisturizer every day. We should make it a habit to moisturize our feet. A great tip is to use a cream or a good oil (think Jojoba or Lavender oil) right before bed and to put cotton socks on. That will lock the moisture inside, and this will work as a foot mask that will act all night long. A great way to treat foot skin with minimal effort!
  • Don’t use cheap shoes that offer no support. It is tempting to save money and go for the cute cheap shoes we see. They are just shoes after all right, and are so far down our eyesight! Wrong. Our feet support the weight of our entire body, and they need help doing so. Quality shoes have heel support and are a perfect size and shape for your foot type. This is beneficial not only for our skin but also for our posture and spine.

Exfoliating is also a great way to remove that stubborn dead and dry skin! The important thing is to include your feet into your beauty and health care, and you will start to see results.

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