How Much Does A Spray Tan Cost?

Who doesn’t love a good tan? As much as we love to have that perfect sunkissed glow, we don’t want to risk our skin being exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun and having a painful sunburn. It may be the most popular method; however, it is precarious. Is sunless tanning possible? Of course, it is! One best alternative is a spray tan

It is way more convenient and better whether you want to have tanned skin for the first time or maintain your beautiful bronze glow. 

But the first question you may have in your mind is, how much does a spray tan cost? Well, spray tan costs may vary from one another. Whether you’ll have it at a salon, mobile service, or at home, know that various factors are driving the cost of a spray tan. 

This article will have an in-depth view of spray tan prices, their factors, and what would work best for you to achieve a golden glow.

Key Takeaways

In a hurry? here are the key points regarding how much a spray tan costs:

  • Averagely, a spray tan costs between $25 to $50 per session.
  • Spray tanning costs vary as several factors affect it and how it is done. 
  • Using a spray gun is cheaper than using an airbrush because it covers more extensive areas.
  • The spray tanning method is also a significant driver of the spray tanning cost. 
  • Spray tan solutions affect spray tan costs, whether organic, regular or have a quick-drying formula.

Factors That Affect Spray Tan Costs

Before I share the spray tanning cost, know that it is a question that isn’t answerable by a definite price. Indeed, spray tan costs vary depending on the tanning solution, spray tanning method, location, and the like. Here are the main drivers that may affect how much a spray tan costs:



One significant driver of spray tan price is the equipment used in the procedure. You may use either a spray gun or an airbrush. Between the two, a spray gun is more affordable than an airbrush. 

Using a spray gun per session saves you more time as it covers larger areas than airbrushes. With that being said, airbrushes are more time-consuming because of their complexity of usage. 

However, every person’s watch-out in using a spray gun is its spray pattern because some patterns tend to waste more solutions, which won’t allow you to save money. 

Spray Tan Solution

There are numerous spray tan brands available in the market, and their spray tan solution may differ from each other. Organic spray tan solutions are typically more expensive than regular spray tan solutions. 

One brand example that offers spray tans is Norvell. Its regular No products found. is more affordable than No products found. spray tanning products.

Its price also varies if it brings more convenience to its consumers. When it gives more value and saves so much time, its prices tend to spike up. There are spray tans with quick-drying tanning solutions that are more efficient and time-saving than the usual spray tans. 

Another thing to consider is the shade of the tanning solution. Usually, darker shade costs more than lighter shades. 

Spray Tanning Method

The method also affects the price. Generally, a full-body tan is pricier than half-body or specific body parts. If you wish to tan your entire body, expect that it’s double the price of tanning half of your body or a part of it like your torso, limbs, arms, or face. Spray tan prices vary greatly depending on the method or procedure you opt to use. 

A competition tan costs more than the regular tanning session. This is mainly because of the expectation or requirements during the competition. In this case, you are paying the tanning professional’s expertise, knowledge, and skills.

Emergency tans have different pricing, too. Not everyone opts for this method, but if they do, a last-minute tan session is a special request with a special rate as well. It may be because they need a tan for a special occasion. The drivers of this special rate are the professional’s time, effort, and availability to proceed with the session at the very last minute.


If you’re contemplating having your tan via spray tanning salons, its location also determines the cost of your spray tan. A spray tanning session in Hollywood is definitely more expensive than those in the countryside or in Alaska! 

Spray Tanning Costs

Now you know the factors driving the cost of a spray tan, let us dive into the various ways how spray tanning can be performed. It can be through a spray tan machine, airbrush, or mobile tanning services. Moreover, the tanning session can be at a tanning salon, mobile service, or at your own home. Check out the details to find out!


Spray Tanning Salon Prices

Indeed, many tanning salons offer spray tanning; but as mentioned above, prices vary depending on those factors. Typically, a spray tan session is around $40.00. It can go way up to $100.00 depending on the location, tanning solution, and complexity of the method you will use. In addition, some salons offer discounts when you opt to purchase a spray tan service package, loyalty programs, and the like. 

Spray Tanning Machine Cost

On average, a spray tanning machine session costs around $25.00 to $35.00. It may increase depending on the quality of the tanning machine. Expensive and high-quality tanning machines would mostly give you more coverage to achieve an even tan. 

Air Brush Cost

Airbrush tanning is perfect if you want to highlight that bronze glow in a specific part of your body. As mentioned earlier, it is more expensive than using a spray gun because it is more complex to use. It gives more detail to highlight the tan you are aiming for.

There are various brushes to choose from in this option. You may choose between regular airbrush or couture airbrush tan. The couture airbrush tan gives more detail to emphasize the tan and glow in your skin, may it be the abs, shoulders, breasts, or muscles area. This type of spray tan session costs around $30.00 to $80.00. If you’re looking after the quality of the result, spending extra bucks is so worth it. 

Mobile Tanning Prices

Another option is mobile tans which it’s more convenient and hassle-free if you are too lazy to do a spray tan at a salon or your own home. This is the priciest option for spray tanning because you are paying for the professional’s services, and it’s somehow bringing the tanning salon to the comforts of your home.

How much does a mobile spray tan cost? Usually, it ranges from $60.00 to $150.00. It is mainly driven by the location, quality of the spray tan, professional service fee, tanning tents, etc. 

Alternative Tanning Costs

Looking for other tanning options? Listed below are some alternatives to spray tanning that you might want to consider.


Self-tanners are the readily available products in the market that you can DIY at the comforts of your home. It may come in different variations, from lotions and gels to mousses. Despite all of those, what makes a self-tanner a superstar if it has DHA. It is usually found in self-tanning products because it stains the dead skin cells in the epidermis. Moreover, DHA is a plant sugar that chemically reacts with the dead skin cells’ amino acids that give a pigment to the skin.

If you’re still skeptical about sunless tanning, you may ask these questions as your guide:

  • How long does this self-tanner to work?
  • Will my skin turn brown or orange?
  • Will it cause stains on my clothes?
  • Will it cause dryness or hydrate my skin?

To make things easier, here’s a curated list of self-tanning products that might be perfect for you! The price varies depending on which self-tanner you opt to use.

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Tanning Beds

Tanning Beds are the cheaper alternative to spray tanning and self-tanning. It costs around $10.00 to $15.00 per session. However, tanning beds pose a lot of disadvantages compared to spray tanning. When you opt for this alternative, there are high chances of skin damage, premature aging, or worse, having melanoma. Melanoma, also known as a black tumor, is the most severe and dangerous type of skin cancer. 

In my opinion, opt for a tanning alternative that is safer and healthier for the skin and my overall wellbeing. 

Which One Should You Choose?

Well, you are the one who can answer that question. It is totally up to you. 

If you’re keener on the quality of the spray tan without worrying about the price, go for airbrush tanning.

If you’re more after the convenience and no fuzz procedure, then mobile tan is the best way to go.

On the other hand, if you aim to have more extensive coverage at an affordable price, go for spray tanning machines through a salon.

Final Thoughts

Is spray tanning safe? Absolutely! It does not pose any risk and disadvantage to other tanning methods. It’s just that the cost depends on various factors. It may be a bit more expensive than self-tanners; rest assured that you’ll be handled by experienced professionals who will help you achieve a beautiful yet healthy bronze glow.

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