4 Amazing Green Tea Skin Benefits

Green tea has been used for centuries both for curative purposes but also in beauty rituals. Drinking green tea is not only a pleasurable activity as the tea is delicious, and packed with vitamins and antioxidants, but can also bring amazing benefits for your skin, hair, and face.

Did you know that you can use green tea as a natural cleanser? How about using it as an anti-cellulite remedy? Or to fight the dark circles in the eye area?

An ingredient with many uses and incredible benefits, the green tea contains polyphenols that fight against the negative effects of the free radicals on the skin.

Aside from the polyphenols, we find other types of natural antioxidants in green tea – they are called catechins, and Epigallocatechin Gallate (also known as EGCG) is one of the four catechins (and also one of the most powerful ingredients found in green tea).

What are the green tea skin benefits?

Green tea can be a great ally for your beauty routine. There are several green tea benefits for skin, so let’s have a look at how you can use it and what are the results to be expected:

1. Anti-aging benefits of green tea on skin

We have already mentioned about using green tea to cleanse the skin. But why you’d want to do this and how to proceed?

Well, it can be something as simple as running out of your usual cleanser or looking for a natural cleanser that has anti-aging skin benefits.

Cleansing your face with this natural cleanser can help you avoid irritation, inflammation, and redness associated with using skin care products with harsh chemical ingredients.

In other words, if you have sensitive skin, you can switch to a green tea cleanser and forget about the potential side effects of a traditional cleanser.

How to use green tea to make the most out of the anti-aging benefits?

All you have to do is make the tea, maybe a bit more concentrated than you’d usually have it, then allow it to cool down until it is warm enough to be pleasant on the skin.

You can add more water to dilute the infusion if you prefer to leave it on. Otherwise, use it as a facial wash and rinse with water afterward. Follow up with your usual routine.

2. Anti-inflammatory benefits of green tea for skin

Spending a considerable amount of time in the office, and even outside when the weather conditions are not the best, can leave marks at the level of the skin such as dullness and even inflammation.

Inflammation usually occurs after sun damage. In this case, the green tea may contribute to soothing the skin and reducing inflammation, especially due to the high contents of EGCG.

Keep in mind that not all green teas have the same amount of EGCG, so make sure to look for a high-quality brand with good reviews.

But let’s see what other drinking green tea benefits to skin are!

Is tea good for your skin after spending time in the sun?

There are several natural methods to get relief from the excessive dryness, stinging sensation, and inflammation that can be associated with sun damage. And green tea may make all the difference after a few hours at the beach.

All you have to do is prepare a green tea infusion and let it cool down. You can even put it in the fridge for a few minutes before using it on the skin. Green tea can be poured on a towel and then applied to the areas most affected.

Let it work for a few minutes, and you will notice the improvement really soon. The green tea contains ingredients that fight free radicals and provide health benefits on multiple levels.

3. Anti-cellulite green tea benefits on skin

Drinking green tea that is packed with antioxidants might come with multiple health benefits, and it can even help you get rid of the unpleasant aspect of cellulite. Its properties can improve the aspect of the skin in the areas affected by this skin condition, so you can be proud of your bikini body once again!

How to make the most out of green tea properties to treat cellulite?

Get the best results and make the most out of the benefits of green tea for skin by opening a couple of green tea bags and pour the contents – the green tea leaves – in a glass recipient. Add a spoon of honey and a teaspoon of brown sugar. Mix all the ingredients until they look like a thick paste or scrub.

Apply the paste on the areas affected by cellulite and massage gently. You can use the gentle scrub in the shower once or twice per week to notice the green tea benefits for skin as soon as possible.

4. Anti-acne benefits

Most people are already aware of the health benefits of green tea and have already introduced this tea to their beauty routines. However, there are voices out there wondering, “Is tea bad for your skin?” and even “Can green tea cause acne?“.

When it comes to skin issues associated with oily skin in general and acne-prone skin in particular, things are never easy. However, it is important to know that green tea is one of the natural products that can be safely used on oily skin.

Green tea actually has the effect of an astringent solution on the pores and skin, having a deep pore cleansing effect. And if you have acne-prone skin, you know that this is ideal – an ingredient that can efficiently cleanse pores to reduce their size and avoid clogging.

There is no doubt about it, acne is not a skin condition easy to treat. However, green tea with its health benefits can help you get clean and healthy-looking skin.

Green tea can also contribute to balancing the sebum production at the level of the face to reduce the excess shine. And the good news is that there are no side effects to be associated with the use of this natural, healthy tea!

How to use green tea on acne and blemish-prone skin?

While green tea is not a treatment per se for this specific skin condition, it can considerably contribute to healthy-looking skin.

To get the best results possible, use the green tea infusion twice a day for at least two weeks, preferably more. After making the tea, dab a cotton pad in it when it reaches room temperature. Use the cotton pad to apply the tea all over your face.

In the morning, you can rinse the tea after a few minutes and continue with your routine. However, in the evening, you can go to bed without rinsing the tea, let it work overnight on your skin.

Final words about green tea benefits on the skin

Green tea is considered an efficient remedy for many skin conditions. Green tea can be used to reduce the aspect of cellulite at the level of the skin, cleanse the face, reduce inflammation that can occur after sun exposure, and so on.

So, having a cup of green tea every now and then can come with amazing benefits not only for your health but also for the skin. You can use green tea infusions to wash the face or mix the contents of the teabag with other ingredients to use as a facial mask or even body scrub.

The sky is the limit when it comes to all the ways you can use this fabulous natural ingredient to benefit your skin. And the best thing about it is that it is completely natural! This means that there are no potential negative side effects to worry about!

So, how are you planning to use this tea in your beauty routine?

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