6 Best Natural & Organic Concealers

If you have problematic or sensitive skin, then you may have found that every time you wear concealer or any kind of base makeup, your skin feels irritated, dry, or breaks out due to the bountiful of harsh chemicals and ingredients that brands put into their concealers.

The best solution for this is to turn to more natural makeup products, and in this instance, a trusty organic concealer that’ll help hide your dark circles and imperfections but also be gentle on your skin and even help the natural appearance of your skin.

We’ve searched tirelessly to find some of the best natural and organic concealers on the market currently to show you today in this article.

Best Natural & Organic Concealers: Our Top 6 Picks

1. Best Overall: No products found.

No products found.

  • Serum formula feels lightweight and comfortable on the skin
  • Helps boost the appearance of younger-looking skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Hydrating formula is perfect for using under the eyes
  • Easy to blend with makeup brushes, sponges, and your fingers

Our best overall natural and organic concealer is the bareMinerals Bareskin Serum Concealer and its lightweight formula is perfect for all skin types to wear all day comfortably with little to no touch-ups needed throughout the day. 

The silky-smooth formula is hydrating on the skin and is perfect for covering dry under eyes and stubborn blemishes on the skin to give you an even-toned complexion.

Whether you’re on the go or sat at your makeup vanity, this serum concealer can be applied flawlessly with all or no makeup tools at all, so you get beautiful and seamless coverage each time.

The concealer goes up and beyond and contains ingredients to help boost the appearance of younger-looking skin, even after you’ve removed all your makeup for the day.

No products found.

2. Best for Dry Skin: No products found.

No products found.

  • Plant-based, Gluten-free & Cruelty-free ingredients
  • Depuffs tired and dry under eyes
  • Naturally makes the skin look more radiant
  • Contains anti-aging peptides
  • Mousse formula feels lightweight on the skin

Don’t be fooled by this lightweight mousse formulation from W3LL PEOPLE as it offers high coverage to cover even the most tired-looking eyes or acne breakouts that lasts throughout the whole day.

You won’t need to use much product to conceal the areas you need so the small but mighty tube will last you a considerable amount of time before you’ll need to repurchase.

The W3LL PEOPLE multi-action concealer contains anti-aging peptides that help to keep your skin looking radiant whilst also improving the texture of your skin, helping you to improve the appearance of your skin whilst covering your problematic areas.

The formulation is easy to blend and sets like a dream without the need for setting powder so if you need a product to pop into your handbag to use on the go, then this would be an excellent option. 

If you’ve got dry skin then you’ll love the nourishing formulation that your skin will drink up in an instant, but it’s still suitable for those who have combination or oily skin.

No products found.

3. Best 2-in-1: No products found.

No products found.

  • Massive shade range so you can find the perfect color to suit your skin tone
  • Self-adjusts to your skin tone so it’ll match even if you’ve chosen a slightly different shade
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Moisturizes and heals the skin whilst covering imperfections
  • Packaged in recycled containers

If you want beautiful skin and to contribute to a greener environment then you’ll love this RMS Beauty ‘Un’ Cover-up Concealer with the 2-in-1 formula that can be used to target problem areas or to provide coverage like a foundation all over your face.

If you’re low maintenance when it comes to makeup and want to use as few products as possible, then this little pot will be your go-to product.

RMS offers a wide shade range for this concealer so you’ll be able to find a shade that fits your skin tone perfectly and if you accidentally buy a shade or two lighter or darker than you needed the formulation can self-adjust to your skin due to the mineral ingredients.

It’ll help minimize the appearances of your pores but also help to moisturize and heal the skin whilst covering imperfections without blocking pores and causing breakouts.

The lightweight formula offers medium to more buildable full coverage so can be worn however you like. If you struggle with oily skin, then you may benefit from using a powder to set the product on certain areas like the t-zone.

No products found.

4. Best Budget: No products found.  

No products found.

  • Vegan and Cruelty-free formulation
  • Perfect for combination or oily skin types due to the oil-free formula
  • Satin finish to give your skin the perfect balance of matte and fresh dewiness
  • Supports hydration in your skin

We love this PACIFICA Liquid Cover Concealer as it’s super budget-friendly but stills contains some quality ingredients that help to soothe the skin whilst evening out the complexion with the coverage.

The oil-free formulation is ideal for those who struggle with oil-control or problematic skin and won’t cause further breakouts when trying to cover your existing blemishes.

The lightweight but buildable formula is infused with coconut water, iris, seaweed, and hyaluronic acid to eliminate creases when applied to the skin and to boost the hydration of your skin to create a more natural look.

The creamy formulation is simple to blend and can be used with makeup sponges or brushes to create lightweight or full coverage.

No products found.

5. Best Coverage: No products found.

No products found.

  • Natural finish with no cakiness – even on dried-out blemishes
  • 10 shade range to suit every skin tone
  • Contains ingredients to improve skin over time
  • High-coverage that lasts all day

The CLOVE + HALLOW concealer contains base mineral ingredients, argan oil, and vitamin e to effectively cover dark circles and blemishes whilst also working to improve the appearance of the skin over time.

Despite being a high-coverage concealer, it gives a natural finish on the skin and doesn’t build up or look cakey on dry areas. The wand applicator is super convenient for hands-free and mess-free applications so you can apply wherever and wherever you want. 

The creamy, lightweight formulation is perfect for all skin types and will cause no irritation or breakouts for sensitive or acne-prone skin, so you can wear it with confidence knowing your skin will look effortlessly beautiful both with and without makeup.

No products found.

6. Best for Dark Circles: No products found.

No products found.

  • Long-lasting formula so you don’t have to touch up throughout the day
  • Suitable for sensitive and problematic skin types
  • Adds nourishment to the delicate eye area due to vitamin-packed ingredients
  • Leaves a silky-smooth natural finish on all areas of the skin

If you’ve got stubborn dark circles that no amount of your current concealer or early nights can eliminate, then this Youngblood Ultimate concealer will be your ticket out of frustration-ville. The long-lasting formula is perfect for under the eyes and won’t crease throughout the day, meaning you can apply it first thing in the morning and not have to worry about touching up.

If you’ve got sensitive eyes, then the vitamin-packed concealer will help soothe and nourish dry or irritated eyes to help improve the appearance of your skin and also protect your skin against environmental pollution.

Despite being able to hide dark circles well, the formula is lightweight and allows your skin to breathe when you’re wearing it, and won’t lead to any blocked pores.

No products found.

Natural & Organic Concealers: Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve got sensitive or problematic skin, then this is probably due to the chemical or harsh ingredients contained in your current makeup or skincare products, switching to natural and organic makeup can help calm your skin down whilst also being able to cover any current problematic areas on your skin.

Sometimes it can be our skincare products that are causing flare-ups or breakouts on our skin, if you’re unsure of how you should be taking care of your skin then you should look at what kind of skin type you have and how you should take care of it day to day.

The state of your skin is not just based on what you put onto it, but also on what you put into your body. There are some foods that are particularly beneficial for your skin and can help reduce the appearance of blemishes or redness without the need for makeup at all.

We’ll be taking you through what you need to know about both conventional and natural and organic concealers and how they can impact your skin. We’ll also be guiding you through how to choose the best natural and organic concealer to suit your skin type. 

Why should I go natural and organic with my concealer?

Most regular concealers from even the biggest and well-known brands contain toxic or harmful ingredients that can negatively affect the quality of your skin and also contribute to further skin problems, requiring even more concealer to cover it up. 

Some of these toxic ingredients include parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), and others, of which we’ll be discussing below.


Parabens are often the most common ingredient found in makeup, skincare, and hair care products. Parabens are normally used to extend the shelf life of these products so you can use them for longer without them going out of date.

However, parabens are a huge issue in the consumer industry as they can seriously affect hormones by mimicking estrogen which can increase your risk of developing skin cancer or breast cancer. 

Parabens are also scientifically linked to harming fertility and reproductive organs making it more difficult for women to fall pregnant and may affect their birth outcomes.

Parabens can also irritate the skin, causing either a rare flare-up or spreading an existing treated rash somewhere on your skin.


Phthalates are another common ingredient found in cosmetic products to increase flexibility and to make them more durable when applied to the skin.

They’re normally found within cream-based concealers as it increases the softness of it so it feels nicer to apply to the skin and won’t feel as drying on sensitive areas of your face.

Phthalates have been linked to affected natural hormones as well as increasing the risk of cancers. Cosmetic companies are aware of these risks and try to hide the toxic ingredient by listing it as ‘fragrance’ on their ingredients lists. 

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or better known as SLS in the cosmetic world is most commonly found in base makeup products and can cause skin irritation as it disrupts the natural oil balance.

SLS reduces the skin’s ability to keep out dirt and allergies and can cause conditions like eczema and sore acne around the facial area. 

If you’re already someone who suffers from hyper-sensitive, problematic, or dry skin then you may want to check your existing cosmetic products to see if they contain SLS as this may cause any irritation or problems you currently have.

What to look for in a natural and organic concealer?

There is not actually a huge requirement for a product to be listed as natural or organic. In fact, beauty products only have to contain 1% of a naturally-sourced ingredient to be labeled as organic or natural and they may still contain some synthetic or harmful ingredients.

Most of these harmful ingredients will be listed near the bottom of the list, so the first few that you read at the top of the list are good ‘natural’ ingredients to pull you in.

The best things to look out for when buying a new natural or organic concealer are labels such as no parabens & phthalates, cruelty-free vegan, or USDA Certified Organic so you know they contain good and non-harmful ingredients.

However, this does not mean that they contain entirely organic ingredients so make sure to check the ingredients list to see what else they contain.

Natural and organic concealers will contain ingredients derived from minerals, plants, and even fruit extracts to help improve the appearance of your skin.

Products like the No products found. that we recommend are packed with vitamins that help nourish the skin and keep it protected when the concealer is applied. 

If you want to go natural with both skincare and makeup, then you can find out everything you need to know here.

Is a natural and organic concealer beneficial for my skin?

Yes, many natural and organic concealers will contain ingredients that improve skin complexion and in turn, will help your skin look better and healthier over time.

Some concealers will vary in their ingredients, with some containing vitamin c to boost radiance whilst some might contain vitamin e to help boost moisture and to hydrate dry areas of your skin. 

Research and look for ingredients that will benefit what skin type you have, those with dry skin will ideally need to use natural ingredients that nourish the skin whilst those with acne-prone or sensitive skin will want something that soothes irritation and diminishes the appearance of redness.

Some natural and organic concealers may contain some ingredients that may cause you to break out or have a reaction, this may be due to you having an allergy to a certain ingredient or maybe because you have hypersensitive skin.

Although, most concealers will say what skin type it is suitable for so you’ll know whether it’ll suit you before you buy it. 

What should a good concealer do?

A good natural and organic concealer should be able to hide skin discoloration and blemishes on the skin. It should be able to cover dark circles under the eye and also hide any redness from breakouts you may have on the skin.

Some concealers will give a more natural finish so may not cover these problem areas entirely whereas some may have more high coverage and give you flawless coverage.

What makes natural and organic concealers better than conventional ones is the added skincare benefits they can contain to help improve the quality of your skin. If you’ve got acne-prone skin, then you may want to find a concealer that reduces redness and decreases the size of your blemishes when the product is applied.

Final Verdict

As you’ve now learned, it’s very easy for brands to label their products as natural or organic, even when they only contain a tiny percentage of natural or organic ingredients. This is why we voted No products found. as our best overall choice. bareMinerals are renowned for using natural and mineral ingredients in all of their products and avoid using unnecessary additives that can be harmful to the skin. 

If makeup is not a priority and you’re looking for something that does the job well and contains good quality ingredients then you should take a look into the No products found. .

Our best piece of advice would be to always read the ingredients list on concealers to make sure there are no toxic ingredients. 

Remember, beauty starts from within, so fill your body with nourishing food and lots of water and you’ll reap the rewards through bright and glowing skin.

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