10 Best Lotions for Crepey Skin on Arms and Legs

Aging is a natural part of life that shouldn’t be dreaded. However, we can all agree that some aging signs, like crepey skin on arms and legs, aren’t that great. And some folks may develop these skin aging problems prematurely. 

The best lotion for crepey skin on arms and legs may just save the day. While we can’t entirely prevent aging, we can slow it down and reverse some of the damage so that the youthful look we all cherish can last a little longer. 

Lotions and creams for crepey skin are formulated with hydrating and texture-improving ingredients that help increase elasticity and moisture in the skin. So, in this article, I’ll briefly discuss crepey skin, list some amazing lotions carefully reviewed to make your choice easy, and throw in some helpful tips. 

No products found. is my top pick for crepey skin. It’s one of the best creams in the market with all natural ingredients, including peptides that increase collagen. But it also nourishes skin with antioxidants and provides deep moisturization. In other words, it checks all the boxes for the best lotion for crepey skin!

Key Takeaways

  • Crepey skin is saggy, wrinkled skin with fine lines or stretch marks that often occurs on neck, arms, and thighs. 
  • It occurs due to loss of collagen and elastin, which happens due to aging, photodamage, skin dehydration, or weight loss. Aging remains the main reason. 
  • Lotions and creams for crepey skin help boost collagen and elastin to tighten the skin while also hydrating it as loose skin is often dry. 
  • StriVectin, Adamia, Crepe Erase, and Medix produce some of the best lotions for fixing crepey skin on arms and legs. 
  • Some of the common ingredients in these lotions are hyaluronic acid, peptides, retinol, glycolic acid, shea butter, macadamia nut oil, vitamin E and C. 

What is Crepey Skin?

Crepey skin gets its name from crepe paper with wrinkles that you probably used for a school project back in the day. However, crepey skin is essentially saggy and has lost its natural elasticity and firmness. This is due to a lack of collagen and elastin, two skin proteins that give it texture and elasticity. 

As skin gets loose, it also develops wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation

Crepey skin typically occurs on large portions of the skin, like arms and legs. However, it can also occur on your face and neck, particularly around the eyes. 

While natural skin aging is the primary cause of crepey skin, certain environmental and biological factors can also play a part. 

Crepey skin is also a result of photodamage (damage from the sun’s UV rays). UVA and UVB rays from the sun are well-known for causing damage to the skin, resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of skin elasticity. 

More notably, UV rays can also cause pigmentation (dark spots or discoloration), representing crepey skin. 

Dry skin, whether naturally or as a consequence of poor skincare, can also create the perfect conditions for crepey skin. An old study from Southeast China found that dry skin is less protected from wrinkling and looseness than oily skin. So there is evidence that dry skin can accelerate the loss of collagen and elastin, resulting in loose skin around the arms and legs. 

Other causes may include a recent loss in weight, especially if you have suddenly lost a lot of weight. Smoking is also a risk factor for loose, aged skin. 

Crepey skin is most common in individuals over 40. So if you have saggy skin on your arms and legs before your 40s, it’s most likely caused by sun damage or dryness in the skin. 

Best Lotions for Crepey Skin on Arms and Legs

1. No products found. – Best Overall

The StriVectin crepe control™ Tightening Body Cream is hands down the best cream for crepey skin on arms and legs. It targets crepey skin from multiple angles and with many proven natural ingredients. Not only does it tighten the skin, but it may also improve the skin’s texture and add brightness. 

The key ingredients in this cream are Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38, also called Matrixyal synthe’6. As peptides are known for their anti-aging benefits, this particular peptide complex boosts collagen production, helping skin regain its elasticity. 

Other ingredients include jojoba seed extract, turmeric root extract, and caffeine. The jojoba seed extract is chockfull of vitamins and healthy fats. Turmeric root extract and caffeine are antioxidants that help prevent radical damage. 

As for moisturization, the cream also contains butters like shea butter and capuacu butter. The skin gets instantly soft and smooth, thanks to these moisturizing ingredients. But that’s not all; other plant extracts also provide moisturizing and antioxidative benefits. 

The company has tested the cream, and the results showed 94 percent efficacy. 

You should apply a generous amount to your arms and legs twice daily. Since the tube contains nearly nine ounces, it may not last very long. 

No products found.

2. No products found. – Best Moisturizing Crepey Skin Lotion

The Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion is an affordable treatment for sagging skin on arms and legs or anywhere on the body. The star ingredient in this lotion is macadamia nut oil, which delivers extreme hydration and moisturization. 

Other ingredients include:

  • Linoleic acid
  • Alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E)
  • Allantoin
  • Aloe barbadensis leaf juice
  • Phytosterols

It’s more moisturizing than tightening lotion, so you can pair it with other tightening lotions for crepey skin. Its main job is to repair the skin barrier and fix tears and moisture loss. As crepey skin typically develops stretch marks and dries out, this lotion can help address those concerns. 

The company says it’s dermatologist-tested and safe for all skin types. More importantly, it’s cruelty-free, paraben-free, soy-free, and GMO-free. 

Another great thing about this lotion is that it absorbs pretty well and isn’t greasy, even though it has many moisturizers and emollients. This is good news for those with oily skin or those who live in hot climates. 

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3. No products found. – Best Formula for Crepey Skin

Crepe Erase emerged as a treatment system specially designed for crepey skin on the body. The Advanced Body Repair Treatment cream is part of its 2-step essentials system, the other being a Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment. However, you can use this cream independently, too, without the system. 

Crepe Erase markets its TruFirm® formula as the main ingredient for crepey skin. I covered Crepe Erase in detail in my Crepe Erase review and found that while it may not live up to the hype, it’s a decent anti-aging solution for loose, aging skin. 

The good thing is that the formula is made of safe, mostly plant-based ingredients. For instance, the TruFirm® complex contains phytonutrients from apple, dill, and sage, all safe and vegan sources. But it also contains many hydrating ingredients (nine), including vitamin E, cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and squalane.

The composition list is actually quite long, with a lot of other helpful ingredients. So, read it first and see if there’s anything that doesn’t suit you. It’s suitable for all skin types and is fragrance-free. The cream has a thick consistency but doesn’t leave a greasy residue. 

No products found.

4. No products found. – Best Drugstore Brand Lotion for Crepey Skin

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option at your local drug to treat sagging skin, the NIVEA Nourishing Skin Firming Body Lotion is your best bet. You’ll see a big Q10 written on the bottle. Q10 is a coenzyme that our body naturally produces but depletes with age. Like elastin and collagen, this coenzyme is also responsible for skin firmness and regenerates skin cells. NIVEA says it can start firming the skin in just two weeks. 

In addition to Q10, it also contains vitamin C, which packs in antioxidative and anti-aging benefits. For moisturizing, this lotion contains shea butter

While it’s mostly for dry skin, people with normal and oily skin can also use it. As with most NIVEA body lotions, this one comes in a large bottle (16.0 fl oz). Therefore, it should last you for a couple of months. 

This is also a good option for those who don’t yet have crepey skin on arms or thighs but want to take preventative measures. So it may also help people in their 30s who are likely to develop loose skin as they enter their 40s. 

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5. No products found.– Best Retinol Lotion for Crepey Skin

The Medic Retinol + Ferulic Acid Anti-Sagging Treatment is the ideal solution for those who prefer retinol for crepey skin. Perhaps you used retinol for undereye skin or your whole face and saw results. Well, it can also be just as effective for the saggy skin on your arms and legs. 

This lotion is pH balanced, so it helps maintain the ideal 5.5 pH for the skin. Its main ingredients are retinol, which targets fine lines and wrinkles while enhancing collagen production to give you firmer skin. Ferulic acid is an antioxidant that also has anti-aging benefits and brightens the skin. 

The treatment contains an ingredient obtained from apples called Botanimoist AMS for moisturization. Other moisturizers include aloe vera, black tea, and chamomile. These ingredients contain vitamins that improve skin texture and prevent moisture loss. 

It contains vegan ingredients and no sulfates, parabens, or other toxic elements. However, it does have a fragrance. It’s made in the US and cruelty-free, so you can be sure that no animal testing was involved. 

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6. No products found.– Best Crepey Skin Cream with Hyaluronic Acid

The TreeActiv Crepey Skin Repair Treatment Skin Firming and Tightening Cream can be used anywhere on the body. It contains hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, shea butter, and vitamin E

The glycolic acid provides exfoliation benefits, while hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin by binding water. It’s a paraben-free, cruelty-free formulation with many other beneficial ingredients castor oil, olive oil, Jamaican black castor oil, and coconut oil

The main benefit of the cream is ample hydration and moisturization, which helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It also contains macadamia nut oil, the gold standard in moisturization. 

If you have dry skin, this treatment option is the best for you, as it will not just treat crepey skin but also increase hydration. The Manuka Honey and vitamin E help reduce the stretch marks of saggy skin. 

It’s suggested to be used twice daily after cleansing. While it’s not the cheapest, it’s also not very expensive, making it a good value option for applying on arms and legs. But you can also use it on your face. 

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7. No products found.– Best Budget Lotion for Crepey Skin

Gold Bond Age Renew Strength & Resilience Body Firming Lotion is an affordable lotion for treating crepey skin on arms and legs. It may be a drugstore brand, but it’s a favorite among people. Its formulation is pretty rich with moisturizing ingredients, lipids, and proteins. 

Here’s what it contains: magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (vitamin C), aloe vera, fruit extracts, panthenol, bisabolol, glycerin, and ubiquinone. Its Skin Firming Complex is supposed to improve skin tightness while other ingredients moisturize it. 

There’s a whole series of anti-aging and skin tightening products from Gold Bond that you can combine this lotion with. 

It comes in a large 13 oz. bottle that should easily last you for months. And it’s so cheap that you can also get multiple bottles without breaking the bank. 

They recently changed the bottle’s design, and I think it looks quite better. Not that the design of the container should matter!

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8. No products found. – Best Exfoliating Lotion for Crepey Skin

The Alpha Skin Care Renewal Body Lotion is the best option if you want to harness the power of alpha hydroxy acids. It contains 12 percent of glycolic acid. By actively removing dead skin cells, glycolic acid can impart anti-aging benefits like reducing wrinkles and fine lines. 

The company uses plant extracts in most of its formulations, including this one. As a result, it’s rich in antioxidants that prevent free radical damage. It gently exfoliates crepey skin, improving the skin texture and making it smooth. This lotion has a low pH of 4.0, which is good for your skin. 

I think it’s a good choice for those who don’t exfoliate their body regularly. So this will provide both exfoliation and moisturization to the loose skin on the arms and legs. 

Remember that this lotion has AHAs, which increase sensitivity to the sun. So either apply it when you’re indoors or layer it with good sunscreen so you’re protected from the sun’s harmful rays. 

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9. No products found. – Best Crepey Skin Lotion for All Skin Types

reshape Crepey Skin Wrinkle Smoothing Cream is a gentle lotion suitable for all skin types. The brand claims it can immediately hydrate the skin by up to 88 percent. This is not hard to believe as it contains hyaluronic acid, a great hydrator. 

To improve skin firmness, the lotion contains soluble collagen. Its formula has dozens of other ingredients, including aloe vera, rice bran extract, rosemary leaf extract, tocopherol, and shea butter

The cream has a rich lotion-like consistency, and it doesn’t take much to cover the skin. So for use on body parts like arms, neck, and legs, this is a good choice. This is suitable for sensitive skin as it does not contain irritating ingredients. 

Moreover, it’s cruelty-free and vegan. There are no toxic chemicals, and the product is made in the US. It’s unclear whether the ingredients are also US sourced. 

No products found.

10. No products found. – Best Crepey Skin Lotion Alternative

If body lotions aren’t your thing, you can try REN Clear Skincare AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum. It’s a serum formulated for use on crepey skin on the body. 

The main ingredient is an AHA, which is lactic acid. It removes dead skin cells and renews the skin. This AHA is gentler as compared with glycolic acid, so ideal for those with sensitive or dry skin. 

Another advantage is that it reduces keratosis pilaris bumps, which are harmless rough patches on arms and thighs. It also contains probiotic extract, which supports skin’s natural barrier by flourishing the microbiome that lives on the skin. The serum contains xylitol for hydration and moisturization. It works similarly to other humectants like hyaluronic acid. 

Unlike a lotion, this serum wouldn’t last very long, so you’d need to replace it fairly sooner. 

No products found.

How to Choose the Best Crepey Skin Lotion?

I feel like the skincare market, in general, is incredibly saturated, with every company claiming to be the best. So choosing the right product becomes a difficult task. However, it shouldn’t be that difficult because, with skincare, it all comes down to ingredients

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It’s best to do a little digging first to know which ingredients work for your specific issues, which, in this case, is crepey skin on arms and legs. Once you know the scientifically backed ingredients for their benefits, you can buy a product with such ingredients worry-free. 

However, I realize that a brand’s ethicality and ingredients’ origin are also important for many out there. So if you’re someone who only buys vegan and/or cruelty-free skincare products, I’d recommend going with a lotion certified by a third party as vegan and/or cruelty-free. Don’t just take the word of the brand!

Ingredients to Look for

When looking for the best lotion for crepey skin on arms and legs, the main thing to consider is to check for effective ingredients. Here’s what you should go for:

  • Retinoids: Retinoids, which are derived from Vitamin A, are best to treat crepey skin. There are several types and names of retinoids (the most common are retinol, retin A, and tretinoin). Much research has confirmed the benefits of retinoids for preventing and treating aging signs, including those caused by sun damage
  • Antioxidants: The main job of antioxidants in terms of skin protection is preventing damage from free radicals in the skin. These free radicals can result from various factors, including UV rays. Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is a well-known antioxidant that has proven anti-aging benefits
  • Alpha/Beta Hydroxy Acids: AHAs and BHAs are exfoliating actives that remove dead skin cells and improve skin texture. While these acids may not do much for crepey skin in terms of improving elasticity, these acids can smoothen fine lines and reduce pores. 
  • Humectants: These are hydrating ingredients that bind water to the inner layers of the skin and the surface. As dryness is a precursor to crepey skin and presenting sign of it, humectants help reverse that by adding more hydration. The most popular humectant is hyaluronic acid. But some products may also have aloe vera or glycerine. 
  • Emollients: These ingredients are very common in lotions. Their main job is to restore the lipids in the skin responsible for a healthy skin barrier. So these ingredients also target dryness in the skin caused by a damaged skin barrier. Emollients are typically oils like coconut oil, hemp seed oil, or grapeseed oil

Tips to Prevent and Treat Crepey Skin on Arms and Legs 

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Whether you don’t have crepey skin on your body yet or have it, these tips should be helpful:

  • Always wear sunscreen (SPF) when stepping out into the sun. And if you’re tanning, ensure that the sunscreen lotion or spray is SPF 30+. 
  • Use moisturizers with lipids and humectants that maintain skin’s barrier and keep it hydrated. Of course, using lotions for crepey skin would help if you already have crepey skin. 
  • Avoid harsh cleansers and face washes that rob the skin of its natural oils. Don’t cleanse your face more than twice a day. 
  • See a dermatologist if you have crepey skin and products are working slowly or not at all. They might be able to improve skin elasticity with the help of treatments. 
  • Watch your diet, as what you eat also impacts your skin. Protein-rich and vitamin C-containing foods are good for boosting collagen from within. 


If I had to choose one lotion for crepey skin on body, I’d choose StriVectin crepe control™ Tightening Body Cream. It has everything you need to target sagging skin under your arms and on your thighs or calves. Crepe Erase Advanced Body Repair Treatment is also a viable option. 

If you want something good for value, go for Gold Bond Age Renew Strength & Resilience Body Firming Lotion

Crepey skin can be fixed but with the right products and a lot of patience. None of the lotions I have listed will work overnight or even in a month. But keep using the lotion and taking further preventative measures!

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