5 Best Eyelid Tapes

Eyelid tape is a Japanese invention that helps your eyes appear larger and more awake by creating the illusion of a crease or so-called “double eyelid”. If you have monolids or just want your eyes to look bigger and wider, this is just what you’ve been looking for.

We’ll introduce you to the best eyelid tapes for 2021 and review the following products:

  1. Best Overall: No products found.
  2. Best Transparent Tape: No products found.
  3. Best Value: No products found.
  4. Best Medical-Grade Adhesive: No products found.
  5. Most Discreet: No products found.

Best Eyelid Tapes: Our Top 5 Picks

These are the best products on the market for 2021:

1. Best Overall: No products found.

No products found.

  • Very affordable.
  • Invisible and blends into the skin.
  • Doesn’t pull on the eyelid.
  • Ultra-sticky.
  • Comes with an application fork.

This is the lowest-priced product on our list that comes with 30 pairs of single-use eyelid tape. These are made in Japan and use single-sided adhesive, which means that they don’t make as deep of a crease, but they won’t pull uncomfortably on your skin either. If you have thicker eyelids and need more “pull” to fight droopy eyes, go for the No products found. instead.

Otherwise, customers love how discrete and almost invisible this tape is when you’ve applied it to your lids. They state that it “blends into your skin” and that the tape has a light beige tone. However, this isn’t the ideal product for people with darker skin since it only comes in one color.

Buyers feel like the tape is super sticky, which makes it stick to your eyelids all day long. They’re also effective at making your eyes appear slightly bigger, according to some reviews. Note that the Nie Tape comes with an application fork as well, making it easier to apply. This tape is rather thin, so without the fork, it wouldn’t be easy.

However, the downfall with the comfort of this tape is that it doesn’t give the most noticeable crease since it’s thin and single adhesive. For that super round-eye look, you should go for another product. Also, while it’s rather invisible without makeup, some buyers complain that it becomes more apparent with makeup on.

No products found.

2. Best Transparent Tape: No products found.

No products found.

  • Transparent tape that’s great for all skin colors.
  • Double-adhesive gives a more noticeable crease.
  • Thin and doesn’t feel bulky.
  • V-shaped stick helps when applying and peeling off the tape.
  • Easy to use.

If transparent tape is what you’re looking for, the D.U.P Wonder Eyelid Tape is a great buy. For people with darker skin, transparent tape is probably the best alternative since many Japanese brands don’t make tapes in darker skin tones. The tape is also double-adhesive, so it looks more invisible and pulls on your skin to create a deeper crease.

This is a 60-pair pack that’ll last you a long time. Each piece is just under an inch long and is slightly bent for a natural crease. But note that this is thin eyelid tape, so while it can create a more round eye all around, it won’t work as well to prevent drooping on the corner of your eye.

Customers state that this tape is super efficient in making your eyes appear rounder and bigger. It also comes with a V-shaped stick that can both apply the tape correctly as well as peel it off, which is a plus. According to buyers, this makes the product much easier to apply.

As for cons, users state that the D.U.P Wonder Eyelid Tape Mild loses its stickiness when you apply eyeshadow on top. In general, it isn’t as sticky as the Health and Beauty tape. 

Also, some customers report that the tape is irritating on the skin and that their eyelids turn red after using these. To prevent this, those with sensitivities should go for a medical-grade adhesive instead, such as the No products found..

No products found.

3. Best Value: No products found.

No products found.

  • Value pack with 300 pairs of tape.
  • Conveniently packed on a roll.
  • Works well with eye makeup.
  • Most effective for droopy eyelids.
  • Available in thicker or thinner shapes.
  • Comes off easily.

For those who really want to stock up on eyelid tape, the Dedila Pro 600 pack is where it’s at. This package has 300 pairs of tape for a very reasonable price, and they come attached to a convenient roll-out tape. The whole roll is rather compact at about 2 by 2 inches and will fit on your desk or makeup table.

According to users, the Dedila Pro tape has a single-adhesive design, which allows you to wear makeup on top of it. It has a slightly yellow tone that blends in well with some people’s skin tone, but not for those with pink or darker skin. In terms of effectiveness, this tape works best for droopy eyelids, and many buyers praise the more awake look it gives to their eyes.

You can choose to get the Dedila Pro in a wide or thin version, depending on the shape of your eyes. The adhesion is reportedly good, but they’re still easy to take off, so you don’t have to rub your skin as hard. 

However, they’re reportedly not as easy to put on as other brands. Also, according to buyers, the edges of the tape show after application, so you need to hide them with eyeliner for a more discreet look. A couple of users also complained about itchiness when using these.

No products found.

4. Best Medical-Grade Adhesive: No products found.

No products found.

  • Hypoallergenic medical-grade adhesive.
  • Easy to put on with the application fork.
  • Choose between transparent, light beige, or dark beige.
  • Available in sizes small, medium, and large.
  • Doesn’t leave residue on the eyelids.

For those with sensitive skin or allergies, this eyelid tape from Pormasbenzer is a great alternative. It’s made from medical-grade fibers that are hypoallergenic as well. Furthermore, the tape is breathable and waterproof, so you can use it in hotter and more humid climates.

When you take the tape off, the manufacturer claims that it leaves no residue behind, which means you don’t have to rub your sensitive eyelid skin too hard. Also, users state that it’s easy to put on the tape and it comes with an application fork.

In terms of color, this Sticky Fiber Double Eyelid Tape is available in either transparent, light beige, or darker beige. This means that most users can find a shade that matches them. For those with darker skin, the transparent shade will probably work best.

They’re also available in three sizes: slim, medium, or large, depending on how thick your eyelids are and how much of a pull you want. For users with droopy eyelids, buying the large size and then cutting down half of the tape, while keeping the other half thick is a good trick.

There have been some complaints regarding the stickiness of this tape, and they reportedly don’t stay put throughout the whole day. Furthermore, this eyelid tape isn’t very discreet but rather quite noticeable on your eyelids.

No products found.

5. Most Discreet: No products found.

No products found.

  • Super discreet.
  • Available in four sizes.
  • Light and comfortable on the eyelids.
  • Vegan, cruelty-free, and latex-free.
  • Waterproof fibers.

Finally, we have this American-made eyelid tape that the manufacturer claims to be ultra invisible. Users agree and state that this tape is barely noticeable even without makeup. In fact, the Eyelid Lift Tape is available in sizes small, medium, large, and x-large, and the smallest size is only 0.1-inch wide, which might be why it’s so discreet.

Even better, the fiber material in the tape is latex-free, vegan, and doesn’t contain other harsh chemicals. The fiber also resists water and can withstand sweat on your eyelids without falling off. The whole pack includes 60 pairs of tape, and each lasts for about 10–12 hours after application.

According to buyers, it’s comfortable on the lid and feels light. Note that this isn’t adhesive tape, however, but fiber strips that are attached to the skin with some glue. This might be a bit tricky to use at first since there’s a learning curve to working with the glue. But the result is a more customizable tape, and you can choose how sticky you’d like it to be.

However, some users think that the accompanying glue bottle is too small compared to the 60 pairs of tape you get. Furthermore, they don’t stay put throughout the day but tend to move around on the eyelid according to a handful of buyers.

No products found.

The Best Eyelid Tapes infographic

Eyelid Tape: Buyer’s Guide

Deciding what product to buy can be a bit confusing since they come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. So let’s make it easier for you by taking a deeper look into the features of the best eyelid tapes.


The first thing to consider is the shape of your eyelids and what you want your tape to fulfill. If you have droopy eyes and want to lift your outer corner for a more awake and “open-eyed” look, go for an arched strip that has a thicker outer part. But if you want your eyes to look rounder in general, invest in an all-around thin arched strip instead.

Single or Double Adhesive

There are two types of tapes: those with glue on one side and those with glue on two sides. The single adhesive tapes are more comfortable and don’t pull the skin on your eyelid as much as the double ones. However, they don’t create as much of a crease and are less effective in getting that doe-eyed look.

zoom-in on a big blue eye with bronze eyeshadow

The double adhesive eye tapes, on the other hand, create a thicker crease by pulling in the skin from both sides and sticking them together. If you want a very noticeable crease without the tape showing or have thick eyelids, this is what you should go for. Note that they might be uncomfortable since the skin on your eyelids will stick together, and you might feel some pulling on the skin when you blink.


Now you want the tape to be as discreet as possible, which is why it should match your skin tone. If you tend to wear makeup often, this isn’t as big of an issue since you’ll cover it up with eyeshadow and concealer anyways, but for people that tend to stick to a natural look, the closer to your skin tone, the better.

There is also the option of getting transparent eyelid tape which works well with most skin tones.


The skin on your eyelids is very thin and sensitive. Because of this, you want the eyelid tape to be non-toxic and not hurt your eyelids when you wear it. A great alternative in terms of material is medical-grade adhesive that’s tested to be safe to use on the skin. Silicone adhesive tape is especially gentle to the skin.

If you tend to sweat a lot or live in a humid climate, you should also look for waterproof eyelid tape. In general, double adhesive tape sticks on better and synthetic fibers are usually good at fending off moisture. Fiber tape is also easy to remove and gentle on your skin.

Application Fork

Many eyelid tape products come with an application fork that you use to push the tape in place since it can be tricky to do it with your fingers. The eyelid fork also helps you determine precisely where you want to place the tape to get the most natural-looking crease for your eyelids. Consider investing in a tape that comes with this fork for a more straightforward application.

Package Size

Most eyelid tape packages come with several pairs of tape, and you can even get value packs with a hundred pieces or more. When determining your tape’s value, consider how many pairs it includes since eyelid tapes are single-use products, and you’ll need new ones for each use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions regarding eyelid tapes? Read our FAQ section to learn more.

Do Eyelid Tapes Really Work?

Of course, you can’t change the whole shape of your eyes with eyelid tape; only plastic surgery can do that. However, many users report that their eyes appear bigger and more “awake” when they use eyelid tape. This has been a popular product among many people in Eastern Asia for decades because it actually does make a difference.

Is Eyelid Tape Bad for Your Eyes?

While eyelid tape is safe for most users, some people can experience some side effects from wearing the tape for extended periods of time. These include inflammation in the eyelids and sagging or thickening skin around the eyes. 

To avoid this, make sure you follow the instructions that come with the product and always be gentle when applying and removing the eyelid tape.

How Long Do You Wear Eyelid Tape?

This depends on the material of the tape, so always follow the instructions on the package. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t sleep with eyelid tape on, so make it a habit to always remove it gently at the end of the day. Do this by rubbing some cleansing solution or eye makeup remover until they get moist and don’t stick to the skin as much.

Is Eyelid Glue or Tape Better?

Both methods are surgery-free alternatives for making your eyes appear more open. While eyelid glue sticks your skin together to create a deeper fold, this can be uncomfortable and pulls more on your eyelids than tape. 

Therefore, eyelid tape is the better alternative for beginners, but it also tends to be more noticeable than glue and doesn’t create as much of a lift. To summarize, eyelid glue is better, but eyelid tape is more comfortable.

a close up to a girl eye

Final Verdict

Now you know that the best eyelid tape matches the shape of your eyes and your skin tone, comes with an application fork, and isn’t irritating on the skin. 

Considering price and features, we think that the best eyelid tape for 2021 overall is the No products found.. It’s affordable, discreet, sticky, and feels comfortable on the eyelids.

It doesn’t give you the most noticeable lift, however, so if you want a more apparent crease, go for our runner-up: the No products found.. This double-adhesive tape pulls more of your skin, making your eyes appear larger, and they’re also transparent and work well with almost any skin tone.

But which of these products is the best eyelid tape according to you?

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