5 Best Concealers for Melasma

Melasma is a common skin condition that causes dark and discolored patches on the skin. This condition commonly occurs due to sun exposure or hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Though the condition occurs in women more often than not, men can suffer from melasma as well. It is helpful to understand what causes this condition and what can be done to minimize the effects that it has. For both men and women, coverage options are available and can be used to make the skin appear less discolored.

The patches can be covered relatively quickly with skin lightening concealers. We have compiled reviews of the best concealer for melasma to allow women to feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. This list covers everything from the best overall concealer (the Dermablend Quick-fix Concealer Stick) to the best coverage option and more.

Best Concealers for Melasma: Our Top 5 Picks

There are many concealers out there that are good for covering dark patches caused by melasma. Not every concealer or skin type is the same, and that should be taken into consideration when looking for a coverage option. Here is a list and breakdown of the ones that we have deemed the top choices and why they should be considered the best concealer for melasma.

1. Best Overall: Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer Stick

  • Conceals and covers every line and dark spot on the skin
  • Does not get cakey or appear thick
  • Applies smoothly and easily to skin
  • Great for all skin types and will not irritate sensitive skin
  • Lasts up to 16 hours without fading

The Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer Stick is the best coverage option for dark spots and lines on the skin. A company created by dermatologists, Dermablend, provides a high-quality, powerful makeup option for everyone. The product is fragrance-free, sensitive-skin safe, and allergy-tested. The stick provides users with a natural-looking finish and full coverage.

The Dermablend stick is advertised as “supersaturated,” which makes it extremely competitive and ideal for covering dark patches caused by melasma. It provides wearers with a non-cakey texture and finish, and it leaves the skin looking natural and blended.

When trying to cover melasma, the goal is to have a coverage option that lasts. This stick promises coverage for up to 16 hours without smudging or transfers to clothing or other areas of the skin.

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2. Most Popular: Maybelline New York FaceStudio Master Conceal

  • Covers and camouflages even the most prominent imperfections and dark spots
  • Offers a full-coverage and long-lasting formula
  • Smooth and finishes without leaving defining markers
  • Lightweight and does not feel heavy on the skin

The Maybelline NY Master Conceal offers wearers a full-coverage option that lasts all day. It only requires one layer and a single-use each morning. The formula used in this product is made to feel light on the face without leaving residue or a cakey feeling. Maybelline is well-known for its high-quality makeup at a reasonable price, making it easily accessible for most people.

The concealer can be used to camouflage and hide any flaws on the skin. This includes all dark circles and patches of discolored skin, which is the most common melasma appearance. It is a great, affordable option for covering problem areas of the skin, especially those that are highly pigmented.

The only negative to this option is a limited shade range. There are only five color options, so finding a perfect match may not be easy for everyone. However, the shades that are available do blend with my most skin shades.

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3. Longest Lasting: Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer

  • Hides every skin flaw from dark patches to tattoos
  • Blends into the skin without leaving cakey feeling behind
  • Heavy-duty and provides the longest lasting coverage on the skin
  • Very affordable
  • Comes in a two-piece set with a concealer pencil to get into tight spaces

The Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer is the option many go to for heavy-duty and durable concealer. The coverage on this concealer is so strong that it is used to cover tattoos as well as dark patches on the skin from melasma. The best thing about this product is that it does not require the extra purchase of a color corrector; it automatically matches the skin.

The concealer formula is very straightforward to blend and goes on smooth, so the user will not be left feeling heavy or as though their makeup is caked onto their skin. The concealer is very durable and lasts the entire day without smudging or the need to reapply. Though there are only six shades available, it does not seem to matter to most reviewers because of the ability this concealer has to blend into the skin.

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4. Best Budget Option: Revlon Colorstay Concealer Stick

  • Created to cover all imperfections and camouflage all dark spots and blemishes on the skin
  • Lasts for 24 hours
  • Offers full coverage without a heavy feeling on the skin
  • Comes in many shades, offering more variety than other competing brands
  • Very affordable under ten dollars

Revlon Colorstay Concealer offers users a lighter option with a liquid texture that easily covers all dark patches and blemishes on the skin. The coverage is offered from medium to high levels but can easily be adjusted. This concealer will last throughout the day thanks to Revlon’s time-release technology that allows the product to look continuously flawless throughout the span of an entire day.

Revlon products are available across the entire world, making it easy to access and very affordable for those on a budget. This concealer stick can be purchased for under ten dollars (or about thirteen for a pack of two). It can be hard to find the right makeup that will not break the bank, and this product is an excellent option for those who need to save a little bit of cash.

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5. Best Coverage: Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer and Foundation

  • Flawless coverage and camouflaging of all skin pigment problems
  • Easy to blend to the skin without leaving residue or marks behind
  • Creates coverage that can be built upon
  • When mixed with the Double Wear Foundation leaves skin looking flawless and completely blemish-free

The Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer effortlessly covers the appearance of dark spots and patches on the skin caused by melasma. It can cover everything from lines in the face to discoloration of the skin. This concealer blends into the skin easily, which leaves the wearer feeling fresh and ready to tackle the day without the need to hide their skin.

When this product is used in combination with the Double Wear Foundation, the skin is left fully covered and flawless. These products are the best option out there for those suffering from hyperpigmentation. Though the price is higher (especially when paired together), the outcome is worth it because users feel confident in their skin. 

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Best Concealers for Melasma: Buyer’s Guide

Melasma/Hyperpigmentation Explained

There are a few common types of melasma or hyperpigmentation. One of the most common is caused by too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Exposure to the sun is one reason why people tend to have melasma issues repeatedly. The discoloration that occurs as a result of too much sun exposure generally appears on the skin in a light to dark brown pigment. This can be avoided in the warmer months with a stronger sunscreen and less sun exposure.

Melasma may also be referred to as the “mask of pregnancy.” This form of the condition is usually caused by hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and throughout the reproductive years in women. Though it is more common in pregnant women, women on birth control can also struggle with skin discoloration due to the hormonal changes caused. Avoiding hormonal birth control may be an option to consider if the condition becomes problematic.

Though melasma can appear all over the body, it tends to occur on the cheeks vastly, sides of the face, forehead, around the upper lip area, and the chin. Although the dark patches are not physically harmful, they can impact someone’s self-esteem. Thankfully there are many options available to treat and cover the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Choosing a Concealer for Hyperpigmentation

It can be tough to find a concealer for melasma that offers full coverage. Most concealers out there are just made to add some extra coverage to the skin, not cover it completely. This can make dealing with pigment issues more difficult and challenging to cope with for many people. The best concealers for hyperpigmentation will offer full coverage and include a base with some sort of color corrector built into it.

It is also essential to look for product options that are supposed to last a long time. One of the most significant issues with most concealers is that they tend to wear off throughout the day, allowing the dark patches to show through the makeup. The top options for melasma will be the options that are long-lasting.

Having a concealer that easily blends into the skin tone is another aspect to consider. When it naturally blends into the skin tone, the results will appear more flawless and natural overall. It can be challenging to choose a color that matches skin tones correctly, so this may be the most time-consuming part of the process.

Finally, always look at the concealer’s formula and ingredients to ensure that it will not be too thick or cakey on the skin. This is especially true when the goal is to cover melasma. The best options will offer light-weight and creamy formulas to complement most skin types. This can vary from person-to-person, so research and homework will be critical here.

Tips to Remember When Applying a Concealer

There is virtually no point in owning the best concealer for melasma or hyperpigmentation if the user does not know how to apply it correctly. With that in mind, here are a few tips to consider in order to achieve a flawless application of concealer.

  • Clean Your Skin: Make sure the skin is clean and prepped before any makeup is applied. Using a moisturizer and applying sunscreen will need to be done before anything else.
  • Consider Using a Primer: Before applying foundation or concealer to the face, it is best to use a makeup primer first. Primers are important because they allow the skin to absorb the color and texture of the concealer and foundation.
  • Apply After the Foundation: It is commonly recommended to apply concealer to the skin after the foundation has been applied. This is to allow the wearer to see the spots that cannot be covered in the first round. This also helps to avoid adding too many layers of makeup to the skin that may not necessarily be needed.
  • Apply Concealer to the Skin: Use the concealer to cover dark spots and even out any patches that may be left. Apply it to the skin and make sure it has been blended well into every inch. A great way to do this is to utilize a makeup sponge or some kind of makeup brush to allow the product to get pushed into the skin nicely.
  • Use a Setting Powder: Now that the concealer has been applied to the skin and all melasma areas are covered, apply a setting powder to the area to prevent it from transferring. It is best to use a translucent powder to keep the concealer in place and keep the makeup from smudging in places and disturbing the complexion. This can also extend the life of the concealer for a much more extended period.

Concealing Under-Eye Darkness

When people are looking for options to cover up the darkness in the skin from melasma, the topic of covering darkness under the eyes tends to come up as well. Darkness under the eyes is not considered a form of hyperpigmentation, but it can be covered in pretty much the same way.

Like melasma, darkness under the eyes can linger and cause people to feel uncomfortable in their skin. For those who have constant under-eye darkness, the same techniques for covering melasma can be used. If the condition tends to take on a more shadowy tone, more application may be required.

The only significant difference in products is that those used to cover darkness under the eyes generally need to contain hydrating products. This is because the face area can be quite dry due to the thinness of the skin.

Other Ways to Treat Melasma

Sometimes covering melasma with makeup is not enough for people. Melasma is something that can fade without intervention, but that is not always the case. When it is caused by pregnancy hormones or birth control pills, hyperpigmentation can fade away once the pills have stopped or the baby is born.

However, some people suffer from melasma for much longer; years or even their entire life. If the melasma does not resolve itself, there are treatments available to rid the skin of discoloration and dark patches. These include:

  • Hydroquinone. This is a medicine that may dermatologists try before any other treatment for melasma. It is a topical treatment that works by lightening the skin. It can be found in a cream, lotion, liquid, or gel form and does not always require a prescription to get it. However, the products without a prescription do not contain as much medicine as the latter.
  • Corticosteroids. If the Hydroquinone is not enough, dermatologists may suggest a secondary medicine to enhance skin lightening. Generally, they will try a corticosteroid, which contains three medicines in one cream. This is also referred to as a triple cream.
  • Medical Procedures. In instances where the medicine does not get rid of the melasma, a procedure may be suggested. The procedures to treat melasma include chemical peels, dermabrasion, light-based procedures, microdermabrasion, or laser treatments. These can only be performed by a dermatologist and are usually only done when medicines fail.

It should also be noted that side effects can occur through the use of any of the treatments. Dermatologists should always be notified of any of the following symptoms if they occur after melasma treatment:

  • Irritation of the skin
  • New or unusual skin darkening
  • Other unusual or new problems that arise after treatment like fever

Final Verdict

Whether someone suffering from melasma chooses to go for the expensive option like Estee Lauder for quality coverage or a budget-friendly concealer brand like Revlon, there is an option out there for everyone when it comes to hiding hyperpigmentation. Between the best overall option Dermablend and the most popular Maybelline New York, every woman will be able to feel her best when she steps outside each day without worrying about the dark patches caused by melasma.

Melasma is a common skin condition among women and should not dictate the way in which life is lived. It does not have to ruin the look of makeup or the appearance of one’s skin.

After reading this review, melasma sufferers should have a more in-depth and thorough ability to choose the makeup that is best for their skin and one that will cover the most area for them. The only way to look great is to feel comfortable as well, and now that is possible.

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